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2017 joint commission surveys

Has anyone been involved in a JCAHCO survey this year? What things did they look at with regard to scope reprocessing. I want to make sure my Endo Techs are ready!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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If you have a regulatory team in place, they would be able to see what other facilities have been cited for when it comes to scope processing. Why not reach out to them?


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CRE protocols are a huge topic and transportation protocols.

Overtime Mom

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Thanks for your response GiDiva2012! Some other thing I heard about this week are:

1. Precise measuring of the detergent put into the sink for manual cleaning of scopes. Does it follow the detergent's recommendation?

2. Not writing open and expiration dates on the Rapacide chemical used in the Medivator Advantage Plus Scope washer.

3. Not transporting contaminated scopes properly. (In closed hard container)

4. Storage of esophageal dilators: Should not be stored in their carrying case. Need to be stored in non-porous storage container that can be wiped out and cleaned. Savory dilators stored vertically, and Maloney's stored horizontally as per their instructions for use.

5. Be able to speak to your scope cleaning validation process: ATP swab testing - how do you determine which scopes to test and how many per month. What do you do with the results?

6. High level disinfection of scope covered in depth.


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