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I haven't seen any threads yet about the Johns Hopkins accelerated MSN program for Spring of 2018 so I thought I would start one to chat with other hopefuls like myself!

Also, if anyone who has previously been accepted into the program, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! For now, I have a few questions:

-Does anyone know if all parts of the application are weighed equally or which ones they place the most emphasis on?

- I took the GRE once and I scored in the 82nd percentile for verbal reasoning (score: 159), 93rd percentile for analytical writing (score: 5), and the 55th percentile in quantitative reasoning (score: 154 :no: ) Should I retake it to improve my math score? My fear is that I'll take it again and do worse!

- What is their acceptance rate?

- Any good tips for the personal statements? I'm finding that it's very difficult to articulate why I want to be a nurse without sounding cheesy.

- Where else are y'all applying?

I think that's all for now! I look forward to chatting with everyone and wish you all the best of luck!

I am also applying for Spring start and have been checking this website every couple months to see if there is any information from the 2018 potential applicants. Thank you for starting this thread!

Every time I have asked about admissions (and even merit scholarships), JHU admissions state that they take a holistic approach and select students based on their overall application. I know that they require applicants score in the 50th percentile or above (so you meet that requirement). When I attended one of their online information sessions, one of the staff members said the average accepted student GPA is 3.4 and the average GRE score percentile is around 60-70%. I'm not sure if this was overall GRE average or the average for verbal and quantitative separately. It seems like you scored really well and I'm not sure it is worth the stress of taking the test again. The good news is that you choose to take the GRE again, you can select which scores you want sent to JHU, so you won't be penalized if your second score is lower. (GRE ScoreSelect Option (For Test Takers))

I am currently studying for the GRE and am very nervous. My test date is next month. Math is not my best subject so I'm using Magoosh GRE prep in the hopes I will learn some math tricks to help me answer questions quickly and correctly. Do you have any advice having taken the GRE?

The essay questions are hard in that we only have 300 words to convince Admissions that we are caring and intelligent human beings. I definitely need to spend some time refining my responses.

I might be putting my eggs all in one basket but this is the only nursing program I am applying for. I desperately want to avoid spending all the time and money getting another Bachelors degree when this program fits my needs so perfectly. Crossing my fingers!!

Looking forward to hearing from other prospective students and students currently enrolled in the MSN entry program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck!


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Thanks so much for sharing! Math was definitely not my strongest subject either. I would say to study formulas if you can. I took the GRE over a year ago, but I remember wishing I had memorized more formulas to save time. More than anything, the GRE is a test of your mental endurance, so my biggest piece of advice would be to get good sleep before you go and make sure you're well fed/hydrated!! I had a very full class load when I took it, so I did not study as much as I should have but if I had to do it again I would start studying sooner and focus more on my weakest areas.

Best of luck to you on your GRE and the application!

- Brooklyn


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Hi gang,

I'm also applying to Spring 2018 start date as well. Are any of you taking the online pre-reqs through Hopkins to prepare for the program? I've just finished Anatomy, Human Growth and Development, and Nutrition, and I'm taking Physiology and Microbio this summer. I'm taking the GRE again next week because my scores the first time weren't great (93rd percentile writing, 40's for verbal and math). I'm currently a Peace Corps Volunteer in East Africa finishing up my service this summer. I hope this experience is helpful to me in my application! JHU is definitely my first choice, too, but I'm applying elsewhere just to be safe (MGH, UVA, U of Rochester, Colombia). Best of luck to everyone applying, the due date is coming up fast!

Hello frenchmafia,

I finished Human Growth & Development and Microbio last term and I'm taking Anatomy and Nutrition starting on the 16th. How was the lab with Anatomy? I enjoyed the Microbio course but found the lab program to be somewhat glitchy. I had to restart several lab experiments and hope to not repeat this with Anatomy.

I am positive your Peace Corps experience will stand out on your application! Your writing score looks great. Too bad there is not an option to pick and choose which part of the GRE you retake.

I just called the JHU admissions office today to ask a question about requesting my online JHU prerequisite transcripts (go to and found out that due to their new NursingCAS application system, they no longer require the GRE. You can still include your scores but it is not necessary to take the exam. Unfortunately, I have already signed up for a test date for next month and ETS will only refund half of the amount paid (as long as you cancel four days prior to your test date). Currently debating if I should take it again (scored great in verbal the first time, not so hot in quant) or just accept that I'm only getting half of my money back. Seems like JHU could save a lot of applicants money by putting the change in GRE requirement on their application website.

Good luck to everyone! Counting down the days!


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Wait, what?! WHAT?! Are you kidding me?? Hopkins doesn't require the GRE anymore? Not that I don't believe you, but I'm definitely calling admin today to confirm because geeez that's a load of worry off of me. Kind of annoying that I'm scheduled to take it on Thursday, but other schools I'm applying for ask for it, too. Oh well.

When you called the admin office to ask about requesting pre-req transcripts, what did they say? Do we need to request them and submit them or do they already have them on file?

The Anatomy course with lab was really enjoyable. The lab component was easy to understand and worked well with the course. The only annoying part was that the lab on Blackboard has pictures of body parts with the pinpoints without labels (like point A, point B, etc). That's why you need the lab workbook. They have the same pictures with the same pinpoints but with labels. So when Blackboard asks to fill in the blanks for points A, B, C, etc, you have to check the lab workbook to see which point is which body part. If Blackboard had labeled their pictures, the lab workbook would be irrelevant. You'll see what I mean when you take it. Just have all the books ready and you'll be good!

What did you think of Microbio? Was it difficult with the "Late nite Lab" component? Were you ever nervous you wouldn't get the correct lab result and get a poor grade? Or could you re-do the lab if you messed something up?

Yeah, I had the same reaction. I emailed them to make sure I had it in writing. Debbie Driscoll, the senior admissions officer, said it was recommended but not required. I decided I did not want ETS to keep half of my money and want to see if I can raise my score with a second try in June. Wish me luck! JHU really needs to update their website because the number of essays required (2 instead of 3), the GRE requirement, and the cost of the application ($45 instead of $75) have all changed. Hope your GRE retake went well on Thursday!

Regarding transcripts, the admin office transferred me to the registrar office (which I had already emailed with the transcript question but had yet to get back to me). They informed me that I needed to order it through a separate service (go to and select Johns Hopkins as the school. I think I paid $2.25. Make sure to select paper copy mailed to NursingCAS, not yourself.

Thanks for the advice regarding Anatomy. I just realized yesterday that I needed to order the workbook

-_-. It looks like a lot of reading and memorization. Very happy I am taking Nutrition (which looks pretty easy) at the same time and not Microbio.

Microbio was very interesting and required a fair amount of studying. I thought the experiment portion of the late nite lab was occasionally slow/delayed. The written section, where you actually entered your previously collected lab data and answered questions, was fairly easy and straightforward. Once you submit the lab, it is final. You can save a draft and come back to it if you need to. I did actually mess up on one lab regarding using sunscreen, jean material, and baby oil on half of a petri dish infected with bacteria. The goal was to show changes in bacterial growth when exposed to UV and if the material covering the bacteria had any effect. The bacteria covered by items with higher UV-blocking SPF showed greater bacterial growth, because the UV was unable to kill the "protected" bacteria. I unfortunately wrote the opposite. I emailed the professor as soon as I realized my mistake and correctly identified what the experiment showed and they were very understanding. I would say make sure to always read the lab document before and during your lab. It provides a clear goal for the experiment and often gives the answers to the questions they ask in the written portion.


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Just a heads up in case you didn't know: If you started an application on the original JHSON portal (like I did) and you're applying for Spring 2018, you need to create a profile on NursingCAS (link found on JHSON website) and submit your application that way. The thing is all 3 of my letters of rec were sent to the original portal, and now I'm working with admin on how to switch them over so I don't have to bug my people and have them send the letters again.

Anyway, how's everyone doing/feeling? I'm struggling with the essays just because I know a lot rides on them. Overall I'm scared to apply but the big girl pants are coming on and I'm pretty excited, too.


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Oh no, that's unfortunate. I hope you're able to get it all sorted out without too much trouble!

I also applied to Duke and in May and they had the same prompts as JH, so I've been working on refining my responses for a while. Duke didn't have the 300 word limit, so I had to basically chop my responses in half! It was really difficult for me to choose between prompt #2 and #3 for my secondary essay because I feel like they both have their own strengths and offer different views of me as a candidate. You can do it! Something that has helped me a TON is getting friends and professors I trust to read my responses and offer their comments. It's so hard to tell if what you have written is any good when you've read it 500 times, so having a fresh pair of eyes is incredibly valuable.

Good luck on finishing your application! I'm hoping to submit mine within the next week or two and I'm equal parts terrified and excited! I've been crushing hard oh Johns Hopkins' program for over a year now, so it's crazy to think that I'll know whether or not they want to take a chance on me in only a few short months! Best of luck to you! I hope this response helped!

Hi all. I applied to the Accelerated MSN program as well back in April. I found out last Wednesday I got accepted!

And as far as GRE. I didn't take it, so it should be fine without it. And reading through theses posts, I wouldn't stress too much over it, especially since they aren't requiring it anymore.

I also applied to Duke, but I haven't heard anything from them yet. And I'm 99.9% sure I'll go with JHU because they offer a MSN, and Duke only offers a ABSN.

I know it's early, but I'm making a Spring 2018 MSN entry cohort Facebook page, for anyone who is accepted into the program, feel free to join.

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Hi all. I applied to the Accelerated MSN program as well back in April. I found out last Wednesday I got accepted!

And as far as GRE. I didn't take it, so it should be fine without it. And reading through theses posts, I wouldn't stress too much over it, especially since they aren't requiring it anymore.

I also applied to Duke, but I haven't heard anything from them yet. And I'm 99.9% sure I'll go with JHU because they offer a MSN, and Duke only offers a ABSN.

I know it's early, but I'm making a Spring 2018 MSN entry cohort Facebook page, for anyone who is accepted into the program, feel free to join.

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or search: JHU SON: MSN Entry Program: Spring 2018 Cohort

I feel the same way! Such a big step and commitment but i'm ready to dive in head first.

I luckily noticed the switch to NursingCAS before I sent out my letter of recommendation requests. I hope they were able to help you transfer everything over successfully. I thought for a second that I had deleted one of my recommendations by mistake (website glitch) and was so worried that I would have to bug my recommender. SO MUCH STRESS!

I attended the Open House event at the beginning of June and left feeling energized and motivated. You can really tell how much the faculty and staff enjoy what they do and want their students to go out and change the world for the better. I spoke with a professor who said the spring cohort is her favorite because it is rigorous in study but usually laid back in personalities. I was happy to hear that since I am normally pretty easy-going.

At this point, i'm just feeling anxious. I'm ready to be finished with this application process but not ready for the wait until September notifications of acceptance. Still struggling with the diversity prompt since i'm having a hard time coming up with specific examples but i'm hopeful it will come to me before the deadline. Hope everyone gets in! It would be nice to meet you in person if we all end up in the Spring cohort. Fingers crossed!