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Johns Hopkins All Children's RN Residency Fall/Summer 2020


Hi all!

Just wanted to create a group for those that were invited to interview with Johns Hopkins All Children's RN Residency Program with the start date of September 14, 2020!

Has anyone heard any interview tips from past cohorts, how many people they accept, the competitiveness, etc.?

I also got an invite! I heard that the program was competitive but the interviews were pretty chill

CONGRATS!! What panels are you interviewing with? Fingers crossed for everyone interviewing🤞🏼

CONGRATS to you also! I put Panel 1 acute care and Panel 2 critical care. how about you?

@pedsnurse1998 I am! I live about 15 mins from USF. Are you from the Tampa area or out of state?

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@pedsnurse1998 nope not yet. I was thinking the email will be sent after tomorrow since that is when we needed to RSVP by.

CONGRATS to you guys!

I also received an invite to interview! I am interviewing with panel 2 and 3.

CONGRATS to everyone!! Very exciting for all of us 🙂 @pedsnurse1998 I just got my interview date too! I think it is super cool they have an interview prep session!

@MeganYager BSN I am from the Tampa area! I am about 45mins-an hr from St. Pete

I just got my interview date as well! Good luck to you both!

I agree, maybe we’ll get to meet each other virtually on the 25th. Good luck to you guys!