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John Tyler Community College RN Spring 2021


Anyone getting ready to apply? I recently took the proctored TEAS and am gearing up to submit an application for Spring 2021. Was hoping to find others who are doing the same.

Hello! I am applying for Spring 2021 traditional as well!

I haven’t taken the TEAS yet, but will take it within a week and fill out the application!

I am transferring from a community college in Florida because of moving, but my prerequisites GPA is a bit low like 2.8 so I’m a bit concerned :(

Hi! Glad to hear from somebody else! I haven’t finished my pre-reqs yet, so I’ll be applying before I know my GPA. Not sure how that affects things.

Good luck on your TEAS! I’ve seen some others who were accepted without the greatest GPA, but a decent TEAS score.

Hey y’all. I finished my TEAS today and applied for the Spring. Looking forward to fall! I am going to get anatomy physiology II out of the way 🙂

Good luck! I’m about to submit my application. I still have to take A&P1 this fall.

It’s a tricky class but If you put in the work you will do great !

Thank you! I love A&P stuff so I hope that helps!
I just submitted my app. Wondering if Covid has changed the number of applicants they will accept, and also if it has caused more or less people to apply 🤔

When I spoke to advising they said last semester was their most competitive class. That’s why I took my TEAS twice to improve my score.

Oh my gahhh. Kinda wish I’d taken it again now. 😫

I’m sure it will be fine 💕 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Hey, I happened to be up with insomnia and while doing some research on NCLEX I happened to see this post.

If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them.

Hey! You’re in the nursing program now? How has it been during Covid, especially clinicals? Do you have any insight on how competitive things are for the Spring 2021 cohort? Also, I have 2 more prereqs to complete in the fall. Do you know if preference is given to those who’ve completed prereqs? Thanks for answering my questions!

I actually just finished over the Summer.

With COVID our clinicals ended up being canceled because of the newness of the virus. The next semesters will most likely have a form you have to fill out talking about you understand that with COVID you're taking a risk going to clinicals, and I'm sure they will 100% fill you in on any changes that go on regarding you being in clinicals. Pay very good attention to what happens in clinicals because you learn a lot. Volunteer for things and ask questions. When I was in clinicals I was basically very hard to find because I had zero problems working with the nurses, asking to do new things and I asked questions of everyone, from the janitors to the doctors. You're there to learn so take full advantage. You're assigned 1 maybe 2 patients, but I've taken on 4 before and loved every minute of it. (This was by 4th semester)

I don't know how competitive it is to get in, but you'll want to do your level best in every single class you have for pre-reqs. I had a 4.0 going in. I got an 88 on the TEAS test. And pretty much everyone I was in class with was good. However, once you get in nursing school the competition stops and you work together. You're not competing for spots anymore, but you're aiming to finish so get in study groups. You can do it in person, over the phone, Zoom, whatever. If there's a FB group then use that.

I don't know if they prefer people who are already done over those still working on them, but I wouldn't worry about that and worry about getting the best grades in those that you can.

What do you have left?

How’s it going for everyone this semester? I’m knee deep in Anatomy! Looking forward to “fingers crossed”!acceptance letters... from what I can tell previously first week of October . Anyone heard any different 🙂 

@mumto2monsters I’m just seeing your reply! CONGRATS on finishing! I’m in BIO 141 and PSY 230 now to finish up my pre reqs. I have an A in every pre req thus far and will continue to work hard to hopefully finish strong in December. Thanks for all the advice about clinicals. Really hoping those don’t get cancelled because of Covid. 

@Cnashturnbow I’m in AP1 and trying to get out of the Chemistry portion alive! How’s that AP2 feeling for you? 
Everything I saw has me thinking we will hear something in the beginning of October as well. Not too long!

The Chemistry part is the hardest it had me in my feelings haha. A&P II IS going well so far ! Starting dissection this week.