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John Hopkins Nurse Residency 2022

by Star1derful Star1derful (New) New

Hello all,

I will be graduating October 2021 with my ASN/ADN however you wish to refer to it.  Due to covid, I have had no clinical experience (bummer I know).  I am very nervous, yet anxious and eager to get into a residency program. I plan to do a 1yr residency and then start my RN to MSN program (while fulfilling my commitment to the hospital post residency).  I am looking at John Hopkins Nursing Residency and I am not sure when to apply.  I see a select few jobs currently posted and they mention (October cohort) or (November cohort).  What is meant by the cohort month, is that the start date? The ones without a specific cohort, do they start immediately? Do you wait to apply to a specific cohort that you will be eligible for? Based on graduation date and needing to take NCLEX, how far out is everyone applying?

Start applying from now or speak to the hiring managers. I graduate December and already got an offer to start on Neuro IMC for Late February. The cohort start date stated it was for January. Shoot your shot.