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Jobs in Outpatient Ambulatory Care?

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Hi everyone, a couple of questions. I am thinking of travel nursing, so I want to read everything I can here and try to figure out if it is right for me. I was in nursing back in the pen and paper days, out for 17 years, and then returned about 3 years ago. To be honest, I feel like a baby nurse all over again, so I'm not sure I have the confidence for travel nursing. I work in Ambulatory Outpatient Treatment. Does anyone know if there are many travel jobs in this area?

Also, I work in a non-reciprocal state as far as my license goes. Does this make it more difficult?

I like the idea of traveling and seeing some new places. I like the job where I am now, but another reason I'm thinking of leaving is because the benefits stink. So many cuts, from what long-timers tell me, and our insurance really stinks.

Back to reading!

There probably are jobs, but of course not as many as for other specialties. You should check it out for yourself with larger agencies such as American Mobile and Cross Country. You do need confidence in your skills and abilities to do travel.

Every nurse has to get licenses to work legally in a given state. Sure a compact license allows easier entry to assignments in other compact states, but what about the other, often better paying states? You have to get a license, the time and expense (usually reimbursed by agencies) varying from state to state.

Thanks. I have a lot to learn. It seems like there are so many agencies out there!