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2 jobs offers!! How do I choose?????

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I am a recent grad and have been blessed with two jobs offers. Both jobs are in the Coronary Care unit. I am having a difficult time deciding which position to choose.

Hospital A is the leading authority in coronary care in the country. The position is for rotating day/nights with 2-12 hours and 2-8 hour shifts per week. The pay starts at 23.00 per hour with 0.60 increase after orientation and a shift diff of 1.00 for nights. The orientation is for 12 weeks. They provide for 6 uniform pieces per year. They offer loan repayment assistance for a 2 year commitment. Parking costs 50.00 per month and is taken directly from check. They self-schedule and within 6 months I have the option to go to 3-12 hour shifts.

Hospital B is an excellent hospital as well. The position is for day/night rotation with 3-12 hour shifts. This position is salary and includes some overtime. If a certain amount of hours are obtained then you can ask for block pay which is time and a half. The orientation is for 24 weeks. No uniforms or student loan repayment. Parking costs 45.00 per month. the unit is very nice and the nurses are nice.

I don't know which one to take. Hospital A sounds good, but I am worried about the shorter orientation. What do you guys think???? :(


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Both offers sound great. I'm in my last semester and work in the CICU as a unit clerk. New grads get a 12 week orientation here and they usually do fine. I wouldn't focus so much on the orientation time. Good luck.


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I would go with A only because I don't think I would like B and that salary option, at least not as a brand new grad. I left the corp. world because I was paid by salary and when it was all said and done, I made $10/hr after you figured how much I actually worked vs. how much I was paid.

Hospital A :twocents:

The loan repayment assistance alone would be worth it,if you don't mind a two year commitment.

Good luck in whatever you choose!

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