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jobs for new graduate nurse is hard in philly?

by fangong fangong (New) New

I got my license in Sep. and started to look for job in philly, I submitted a lot of applications online, but I did not get any news. anyone knows it is hard to get the first job in philly.I also applied in reading and Lancaster, usually how long should I wait till I get any information. and welcome any suggestion.


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Yes, it's hard. Lots of nursing programs between philly and south jersey, so lots and lots and lots of competition.

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

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Very, very, very hard right now. Even if you know someone. Are you diploma, ADN, or BSN? Philly is pretty much BSN required for any job right now. I have heard new nurses have been having luck at St. Luke's up in the Allentown area, though. I know of a couple that landed jobs there.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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If you are only submitting applications to hospital positions, it is time to start considering employment elsewhere. Everyone (and their momma) wants to work at hospitals, so the competition for these types of jobs will be fiercest.

Consider applying to home health companies, hospice, nursing homes, post acute rehab, jails, prisons, group homes, adult daycare centers, and other nursing positions outside the hospital setting.

joanna73, BSN, RN

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Agreed. You need to start somewhere OP. Consider nights, weekend work and any type of nursing role to gain experience.