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Hello everyone!

First of all, I found out yesterday that I got accepted into Resurrection University's (formerly West Suburban College of Nursing) BSN program. Becoming a nurse has been my big dream and I'm thrilled that it's about to come true. However, what worries me is the (poor?) perspective of finding a job after graduation. I shared my concerns with Admission Counselor at WSCN and he assured me that 60% (on average) of West Suburban graduates are hired by Resurrection Healthcare. That sounds promising, but I decided to investigate. Here is the question to WSCN graduates- Was it really easier for you to get a job at Resurrection Healthcare after graduation? Did you feel like you had an advantage because of graduating from WSCN? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank You!

Hi there,

I see that no one responded to your post, but I was wondering if you did end up attending Resurrection University, and if you have a better idea of the job prospects for their grads within the Resurrection Healthcare system. I am currently debating on whether to attend their evening/weekend program, so any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

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