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Job Tips for the student nurse


hello all,:nurse:

i am reading of how terrible the job market is for new grads, so i've decided to try to get my foot in the door before graduation next year. i've applied for a few student nurse positions @ the hospital i would love :heartbeat to work for after graduation. i applied in early august, i really don't want my application to get lost with all the other online apps. i searched and found out who the nurse recuiter was and emailed her a follow- up letter letting her know that i was still interested. should i wait it out/ be more aggressive? any tips on how i could get the job.... how did ur hiring process work @ ur current position....... any advice would help thanx in advance :)

chuckz, BSN, RN

Specializes in CVICU/ER. Has 11 years experience.

Keep emailing. Ask if you can go in and shadow. It will show your face and prove you are interested as well as allow you the chance to network and make connections with people that can help you.

Thanx for the recommendation, I will call 2mrw I just looked online and they actually do have a shadow program. Excellent tip, what would I do w/out allnurses!

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