Job Tips for New Grads...It is possible!


I just wanted to reassure those out there job hunting...because everyone on here intimidated me about the market right now

I just graduated in August and I got a job that will pay me a nurses salary even before I take the boards. It is at a great hospital on a medsurg floor that is more than willing to hire new grads. I live in an area with one of the worst economies in the country right now.

My only advice? STOP FILLING OUT APPS ONLINE...and expect to hear back. You need to make phone calls to HR, nurse managers, etc. If you can't hunt these numbers down then I would worry about your critical thinking skills as a nurse. Just call HR. Ask them if you can have a screening interview. They will likely say yes. Maybe a month down the line your name will pop up for a position and...great you already interviewed! Now onto the unit interview!

Once you have an interview (or even if you don't) go to staples and buy a 5 tab presentation folder. Include a cover page with the title you're applying for, then the cover letter, then your resume, then transcripts, a copy of your drivers lic and CPR card and then put your reference letters in a pocket in the back. You could also include a 4-5 bullet point of your personal nursing philosophy. You could include a research poster you did or a project on the area you're interested in.

If the unit is specialized do your research. Do your research about the hospital as well. Bring up questions at the interview. If you can't think of any google "nursing job interview questions" to answer or ask...

And then of course, send a thank you not after.

I'm sorry if this offends people who can't find a job...but i have no hospital experience and with these steps i managed to do it. If you're not getting hired try changing your approach.


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oh it is so nice to hear some positive feedback! I have been really scared lately by all the folks saying new grads will never get a job, very discouraging as I enter my last year of school! Even thought of withdrawing. But yes, I love the go get em' approach and congrats on your new job!!!:yeah:


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Thank you for the tips,

I will start doing that tomorrow..


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Great advice thank you! How specifically did you go about requesting the screening interview? I'm afraid I'll sound rude and demanding if I approach it the wrong way.

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Simply call HR and say very nicely of course, "I would like to set up a screening interview for RN positions, if at all possible, who would I speak to about that?"


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I totally agree that finding hospitals and calling HR and talking to nurse recruiters rather than applying online is the way to go. I have been looking up hospitals that don't advertise on Indeed and talking to nurse recruiters and alot of them are hiring new grads. I think the ones that advertise on Indeed and the like must get swamped with new grads applications.


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That sounds like an excellent system, and I would definitely use it if I needed a job now. But I would NOT recommend ruling out all online applications. There are many hospital HR offices that will not give you the time of day. It's nothing personal. Usually it's just a matter of incredibly insensitive and oftentimes overworked HR office staff.

It took me 6 months and relocating out of state (and away from family and home) to get that first new grad job. It is luck. Pure and simple. That and some experience giving flu shots... Anyway, I still have PTSD from the post-nursing school unemployment--which is why I still come to this site periodically. And yes, I found my nursing job online. Good luck.

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yes, of course still fill out the online apps! always keep options open! i'm glad you found a job!