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which job to take


Has 2 years experience.

Hi I need some advice, my long term goals are to some day become a psychiatric NP I love me some psych, so im trying to decide if I should only work jobs that lean toward that area or not. I have two offers on the table one is case managent which I've never done so im not sure if I'll like it or not the other is working for a half way house AKA transitional facility where inmates work and are independent until they are sent home, schedule is good with both pay is a little less with corrections and its part time but potentially may be a full time after a meeting regarding such I've actually never worked either but interested in both if I take the corrections job I feel I will have time to keep my other job and do both I do home care as well...... Also I have 4 kids so I need the best flexibility. Then case management has benefits... Any advice on how to choose