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hey everyone

I have RN license from Texas .Its been already 1 year . I am an international nurse. I did not get any job till now because i am on dependent visa.Is there any way to get visa sponsorship these days? why the hell they allow us to write nclex exam but cant work after passing exam also?these nursing board just want to earn money nothing else .need some suggestions how to get work authorization especially for foreign nurse like me.life suck with out work inspte of having RN license.

Too many Nurses not enough jobs, good luck!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Meeting BON requirements has nothing to do with immigration. All you can do is look for hospitals that will sponsor GC and be willing to wait the x amount years it takes depending on where you was born


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Maybe you need to know someone who works in the hospital. Maybe a nurse/doctor. It might help.

My friend is a foreign graduate nurse as well, living in CA. She started from J1 to F1 and then was sponsored by the hospital where she works for her work permit.

The reason she landed that job because she was friend with someone who was a nurse.

I can't speak for myself as much. I was a F1 student and graduated from nursing school here in Michigan. Just right before I graduated, I got married and recieved GC but I still have a hard time getting a job.

Good luck to you.

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