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shampick shampick (New) New Nurse

I can finally see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. I graduate on May 11th from one of the best BSN programs in my area. I have been wondering when to begin my job search. When should I start applying for jobs that have been posted? I plan on taking the NCLEX ASAP after graduation.


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Are you networking yet? Start that NOW. You never know who could be THE resource you need. I have had some great resources come out of the woodworks. Have you connected with any nurse managers where you do your clinicals?

I also graduated in May, and I started applying in Feb or March. Didn't get me anywhere, so I can't speak to its effectiveness. :) I didn't have any luck until I was licensed, and then I was able to line up something outside of the hospital pretty quickly, though nothing full time (though my SNF job was at least that). I was able to get a job offer during preceptorship from the nurse manager, but there was a hiring freeze at that time, so she wasn't able to bring me on board. Network, network, network!!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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If you plan to work in an acute care hospital setting, you'll want to submit applications to new grad training programs several months prior to graduation. So for a graduation date of May, you'd want to get started with the applications in late February or early March at the latest.

If you want to work in a non-hospital workplace such as a home health company, nursing home, hospice or otherwise, you can wait until you are licensed. For these types of jobs, having a nursing license at the time of application will be your greatest bargaining chip.

I have not started networking directly. I am a board member of both my local chapter of the Student Nurse Association and the state board of directors or Indiana Association of Nursing Students. I was hoping to make some major connections during my capstone clinical next semester. I have several friends working in the hospital where I would like to work. I also have one medical resident as a reference at the same hospital. Thank you both for the advice!


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