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I'm a new grad RN (May 2014) with 13 years LPN experience. I am new to the Nashville, TN area and CANNOT find a job!!! I'm either "overqualified" or no RN experience. So frustrated.....advice please!!!


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I can certainly sympathize with your frustration. Although I don't have your healthcare experience, I've also had trouble finding a job thus far. What I've done is take a step back and check all my documents. I revamped my resume and cover letter, and I got more people to take a look at it and made sure it was optimized so the computers that categorize it will rate it higher. I'm trying to suss out any hospital contacts and see if someone can get me a lead anywhere. Other than that, I just remain patient. There are hiring waves for new grads and for some hospitals that may not be until sometime this month or September. If all else fails, I'll move to someone more rural or take a non-hospital job if possible. Best of luck to you!


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I totally understand. I have been lpn since 1995. RN 2013 and can not get out of LTC. Nothing wrong with the elderly but I am tired of the scenery. Good luck

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I have a friend who works in Nashville and was told the area is saturated with nurses. NP's are working as as case managers at an insurance company that only requires a BSN.