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Job Satisfaction/Unsastifaction

Hello fellow RN's. I'm a relatively new nurse and have been working on a med/surg floor at a really wonderful magnet hospital in my area. Let me start by saying that if I were sick or seriously injured, this is the kind of place I'd want to go to. I am very thankful that I have a job at a time when the economy is struggling.

That being said, my job satisfaction level is at an all-time low. I'm not going to work motivated and I'm not leaving satisfied or happy. The unhappy work days are greatly outweighing the happy ones. I get to work, am slammed from the get-go. I'm lucky to get a pee break at this job, let alone eat breakfast or lunch. Many days I go without a meal and just eat the granola bar I stuffed in my pocket. I work with high acuity patients and have up to 5 or 6 a day. I admit/discharge so many patients my head spins.

I am not a complainer and I try to keep a positive attitude while at work. I don't want to be one of those grumpy nurses who obviously hate their jobs. But I am very unhappy and at my wits' end. Not to be cliche, but there is one life to live and I do not want to spend mine in a career that makes me miserable.

Have any of you other nurses experienced this? Have any of you changed careers? Changed to a position that you enjoyed more? I just need to be somewhere with a little more breathing room. Thanks and have a wonderful evening, all!


Has 7 years experience. Specializes in labor & delivery.

I'm looking to get mostly away from bedside nursing after almost 3 years. Not what I expected. I am lucky to have the job I have and it is exactly where I thought I wanted to work. I would be fine doing a pool position with 4-6 shifts per month. I am going back to school in order to move beyond the bedside. There are many things you can do with an RN. Explore different possibilities. Some pay better than others, some have better hours than others. Do what makes you happy, life is too short to be miserable each shift. For those who say "you can do anything for 12 hours", I would say that if you are miserable going to work, it affects more than those 12 hours. Good luck.

I just joined ALLNurses for a similar reason! I need advice from new and seasoned nurses on their experiences and frustrations. I graduated in August, took and passed my boards in September and began employment on a very busy Med/Surg floor the first week in November. Like "threeholepunch" I am overwhelmed and frustrated. I am assigned a minimum of 5 patients, sometimes 6 and feel like it is all I can do to keep up. Most days I must stay an extra hour just to get my charting completed. I understand my job description but have a difficult time walking away from patients and/or family members when they want to vent or talk. I am in my late 50's and have much life experience but feel there are not enough hours in one shift to get everything completed. There are also skills that I know the basics for but in no way feel competent to complete without supervision. Does anyone else feel this way or am I in over my head? I appreciate the honest feedback.

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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Yes I have been in this position. At the worst of it, I wasn't sleeping AT ALL because I had so much anxiety about going to work. The only shifts I could tolerate were night shifts and those weren't much better for quality of life. Last year, I took a vacation week the whole week of my birthday just so that I wouldn't have to be miserable at work that week. I spent said week looking for a new job, resigned last March and have never been happier.

KelRN215- As a new nurse, I feel it would be better if I stick it out for a year at my present job, if I can survive. Another local hospital only allows their new hires 5 patients each. I feel what my facility is doing is dangerous, not only for the patients but for me. I wish these "business" machines that call themselves hospitals would wise up. It costs a lot less to properly staff a facility than to pay for the mistakes of overworked nurses and CNA'S! Wish me Luck and thank you for sharing.

I have been working on an ortho unit for the last six years. The last three have not been happy. I know exactly how it feels when your job makes you miserable. I would suggest that you quit as soon as possible and find a less stressful job. It's easy to say and hard to do, I know, but the job situation you describe is unlikely to get better any time soon. It's not worth wasting your life hating your job. Good luck, and I hope you find a situation more suited to what you want to be.


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What you're describing is basically the norm in nursing. I've been a nurse for over 10 years, and days like that are pretty common. I sometimes love the frenzied pace. It helps the shift go by faster and helps me continue to improve my time management skills. I recently changed positions to one that is less patient care and it is still busy. I often don't get lunch, bathroom breaks, or even leave on time. I know other nurses working in office environments and they describe how busy and overwhelming it is. I would say that if you are already feeling like this then maybe you should make a change. Your happiness should be your priority. I have considered a career change mainly because of various management issues but I love it too much to leave.

We as Nurses are human beings and not machines. Nursing is a 24/4/365 job. Do you assessment.....document it..........nursing care document it......... Prioritise and whats not done can and must be left to the next shift....... Management will soon realise RN:Patient ratio is off.


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