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First post on this site, so I am hoping for some good feedback if its out there!

I am starting nursing school this fall at Cal State Long Beach as well as starting a new job as a Mental Health Worker at a local psych facility. Prior to getting the job in the psych hospital, I volunteered in various nursing units at a typical acute care hospital as well as currently being employed as a sitter in the same hospital. Having the opportunity to work in the float pool and be exposed to so many floors and types of patients, I can definitely say that mental health is an area that I am for sure interested in and something I could see myself doing well in as an RN.

When I finish my BSN program, I would love to get a job at the psych hospital I am going to be working at and possibly pursue my PMHNP after working for a few years. I know that the job market in Southern California is currently horrendous, but for those of you working in psych within the So Cal area, is it any better for new grads looking to get employed in a mental health setting? I am hoping that experience as a MHW will help when push comes to shove. Any feedback on your experiences with finding work and the role as a psych nurse in general is much appreciated!


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I just did my clinical rotation at Augustus Hawkins and they are very short on psych nurses... You will have no problem finding a job in this area