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Job outlook for ADN's


Hi guys,

I've looked everywhere on here and while the question certainly has been asked, it hasn't been asked too recently that I can find. How does the job market look for ADN's at this point? Hospitals compared to other facilities? I understand market saturation and other factors definitely influence this, but in general are new grads finding employment as ADN's?

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Depends where you live really. Some cities, like NYC, ADNs are not finding work in acute care. Others are less stringent.

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As the previous poster said, it depends on the geographic region. Where I live, the prime hospital jobs go to nurses with BSN's or higher -- though ADN's with previous relevant experience and those who are already enrolled in BSN programs are considered.

In other regions, ADN's have better opportunity.

Where I live, the ADN program has an excellent reputation for teaching great clinical skills. No one in my class has had trouble getting a job. People are getting hired into ICUs, ERs, L&D, Med-Surg, etc. I think it just depends on where you live.

Thank you everyone for the help!

Hi, Nickc58,

I second contramanda. I personally just transitioned from LPN to ADN, in a class of 20 (traditional program will graduate about 45 new ADNs) The two local hospitals here (in NW Florida) always need RNs, and hire them straight out of the program, into pretty much any/all departments. But just like anywhere else, there are more possibilities and upward mobility with the BSN degree. I intend to begin the BSN program in the Spring!

I've been job hunting recently, and hospitals are hiring ADN's just as much as BSN's.