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Job opportunities for new grads in Houston. What about the VA?

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to get some information about job/training opportunities for new graduates in Houston. I will be graduating in May from a two year program, with a previous bachelor degree in Social Work and six year experience in Army National Guard. Also, could someone provide me with information on the Houston VA? How was their VA experience as a new graduate? With six years in the Army NG, what does that put me within the VA system. Also, what are the pros and cons of working for the VA. I did one of my clinical rotations at the VA, something I enjoyed very much. However, I would like to find out about other hospitals in the Houston area as well. Thank you very much.


You can purchase service credit for any military service covered by a dd214.


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The VA is a wonderful place to work at and the VA I work at here in Massachusetts has a new grad RN program. Check and see if your VA has one too. The benefits are excellent and you are guaranteed a job for life.

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I had a contract at the Houston VA Medical Center. It is a like a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME in there.

I personally would not work there. The politics are crazy. A lot of the nurses there have ONLY worked there and it is like no other hospital I've ever worked at, and I've been to a lot of hospitals in the Houston area and East Texas area.

You would have an advantage over other applicants with your military background. However, you have to ask yourself if the VA is right for you. It is not like the military thats for sure. There is a lot of favoritism that goes on. A LOT. It is unionized. And one REALLY BIG PROBLEM that i had with the nurses and clerks that work there is that their favorite phrase is "THAT'S NOT MY JOB" . .. or I'm not doing that, you need to go to such and such department... They pass the buck like it is going out of style! It happens all over that facility. NO TEAMWORK whatsoever. I couldn't stand it. There were a few girls I just wanted to slap silly.

There are a lot of older nurses that have been there FOREVER, which makes it really hard to advance. And when you do get qualified to advance, there is always someone else there who has kissed a$$ longer than you have and will get the job over you.

Good luck! lol

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