Job offer without in-person interview?


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Has anyone ever been offered an out-of-state job without actually traveling there to interview in-person? Thanks.

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I have. I had put out feelers on a job that was 1000 miles away, never expecting that I'd be called for a telephone interview less than 2 weeks later. At the end of the interview, which I conducted in my PJs... I was asked when did I think I could start? After a lot of logistically difficult wrangling, I finally started the job ELEVEN months later. I was really lucky they were willing to hold a position for me. I met with the manager face-to-face six months after my phone interview when we made our house-hunting trip. She's long-gone now and I'm still there.

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I have not (never tried applying out-of-state), but my sister has. They did the interviews via phone, e-mail and Skype.

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Yep. It has happened to me twice. Once as a nurse and once as a non-nurse. Phone interviews count toward making a good first impression.