Job Market on Maui for New RN grad


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the job market for new RN grads on Maui? I went to MCC in 2008 and got my LPN. I moved right after to Idaho and have been working on my BSN for the past three years. This May I graduate w/my BSN and plan to return home right after, which has always been the plan. I know the economy has been tough but it sounds like things are harder in Hawaii. All the info I'm reading is regarding 2008/2009, so I'm wondering how much has changed or not since then. I'm hoping things are just a little different. When I spoke to HR at MMMC they told me to fill out an application as they were accepting and to just try. I contacted all my friends who work at MMMC and they said to also try and apply as they're not on a freeze. The thing is, is that I applied as an LPN in March 2011 and haven't heard anything, I'm wondering if it will be different as an RN. I also will be bringing my dogs back home which will cost me over $2,000 and I kind of don't wanna risk spending that kind of money without a job. Basically, w/ an LPN and BSN RN degree, ACLS, EKG, and PALS certification, 7months experience in subacute setting as an LPN, and 2 years as an home health LPN, do I stand a chance???? Thanks! :)

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It's tough out there. Might be better if you stay where you are for a year to get experience, if available, you'll be more marketable in Maui.


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Hi Otessa, are you on the islands now? I know it would be better if I stayed in the mainland but I really want to be home with my family. Either way we're planning on leaving Idaho as we don't really enjoy it here and moving somewhere in the NorthWest or Rockies, so I'm wondering where the jobs would be. My main priority is that I find work ASAP but hoping it would be on Maui, and if not, then somewhere close to where I can go home easily. Thanks!


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I can't say how things are currently but when i went from LPN to RN my LPN experience was ignored because of the difference in the scope of practice between the two. good luck!


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It's really tough here in Hawaii. I live in Honolulu and I've been searching for jobs for about 8 months now and still jobless. Pretty much they are looking for experience..


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I would try to apply before making the move back. It will give you an idea of is available realistically. Otherwise, try staying a bit longer and getting more experience somewhere that is willing to hire a new grad.

Best of luck!