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Ive got an interview for a band 7 Senior sister in A&E soon any tips on what to do/read to prepare? Any ideas of questions that may be thrown at me?


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what is Band 7 and what is "sister" and what is A&E? Sorry, not familiar with any of it.


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?????:confused: *scratches head*

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A&E is Accident & Emergency in the UK -- the ED, in essence. The rest I'm not sure about ... charge nurse, maybe?


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A&E is accident and emergency (ER or ED in other parts of the world).. yeah i agree with you, i think senior sister is charge nurse..

anyway, if you are applying for ED check of course for the mission and vision of the hospital and most importantly of that of A&E.. on which country are you anyway..? because during interviews they are also sometimes giving cases or scenarios.. to lessen your anxiety, make some research on what are the usual cases that hospital is catering (it might help) or handling in ER.. good luck and God bless