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Hi! I have a job interview tomorrow July 12th and wondered if any of you have some good tips to give me when interviewing for a Radiology position. I am currently an ER nurse and have been doing ER nursing for a looooong time! Time for a change:rolleyes: Any advice will be greatly appreciated :) . There are 9 other ER nurses applying for the same position....Think our ER has problems:chuckle Too many to mention. Time to move on and Radiology is the place I want to be. Need tips on how to convince the the radiology nurse manager that I'm the one she should pick out of the numerous people applying for the same position. Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions you folks give me. I have been reading your posts about radiology nursing and it makes me want to transfer even more.:)

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Yankeescot, I do apologize for not answering sooner (this section doesn't get a lot of traffic; if you want a quick reply, try the general nursing section or Break Room area)! How did the interview go?? We hired more than one ER nurse in our dept, as they're used to dealing with things "on the fly," they're good with, well, emergency situations, and things can get hectic in Radiology! I know no one who doesn't work there believes this, but it does happen!! How big is the department, and what would your duties be? (If you didn't get the position, do try again; how many nurses work in Radiology?) Sorry again for no responses, didn't mean to leave you in the lurch, as it were. -- D

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