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Im an LPN fresh grad, and wonder why can't find a job, i had 2 interviews but they don't call me back. Any help?


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Have you tried LTC facilities? They will usually hire anyone who is breathing. Good luck :)


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ALWAYS ALWAYS follow up interviews with thank-you notes and calls ......

You have to be a bit more proactive if you want the job. Make sure you follow up each interview with a brief note thanking the interviewer for the time and re-expressing your interest in the job. Then, in a week or so, follow up with Human Resources or the interviewer about the job, asking if the position has been filled and if not, telling them you are still interested.

Sometimes, a bit more work has to be done to get the job. Good luck!!!!!


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My facility and most others in my area won't even offer interviews to GPN's, unlike GN's. Associate degree level graduate nurses can get a provisional permit (or whatever they are called) and go on to work, but PN graduates can't. I didn't even start sending out resumes or anything until after I had taken my NCELX and passed and had my license number that could be verified. Instead, I used the three weeks between graduation and NCLEX taking to RELAX and review for the NCLEX. My "vacation" gift to me for a job well done!

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