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Hi everyone. This is my situation, I have been a sahm for a very long time and while I wait around to see if I get accepted into the LPN program I need to find a job. I have no working experince so Im not sure what to put down on my application. Does anyone have any ideas or even more importantly know what business is even hiring? I am applying online to various retail jobs but would like to gain some experience in the health care field.

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Long-term care (LTC) facilities, like assisted living and nursing homes, are almost always in need of entry-level caregivers (nursing assistants)--even in this difficult economy. Since you are looking to go into nursing, working as a nursing assistant would be a good way to get a feel for what a day in the life of a nurse is like, since you'd be working directly with them each day.

You do not need work experience to get hired as a nursing assistant. You do, however, need to get certified as a nursing assistant. Most community colleges and the American Red Cross offer the courses needed to take the state certification exam.

Best of luck!


Thanks Wendy. I just applied for CNA training today, hopefully they will call me back.

Not sure where you live but many hospitals in the detroit area might hire you as a patient sitter. Just saw some postings this morning at the DMC. It's an easy job and foot in the door for when you are looking for a higher position.

I agree with the other posters.. I got my CNA through the american red cross and jobs can be found but they are not easy to get. The nursing home jobs are easier to get than hospitals - unless you know someone. Good luck. I was impressed with the Red Cross so I would recommend it - plus you will get reimbursed on your tuition once you are hired.

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