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Hi all, ,its been awhile, since I have been on, Ive been very busy, working my program, recovery has changed my life, yes the monitoring agreement i am on can be a real pain, but it has all worked out I have made great friends in my support group and a new job, i was blessed and not fired once i was found out at work and sent to treatment, but staying in that position ortho/nuero floor, once my narcotic restriction was up would not be condusive to my recovery, now i am working as the medicare nurse at a nursing home, i assess all skilled patients to ensure proper medicare payments are able to be made, I LOVE THIS JOB, i truly think things happen for a reason, i never would have applied for a job like this if I wasn't on a narcotice restriction, i am fortunate enuff that this job doesn't involve any med passing at all, alot less stressful too!!! Yes my monitoring agreement can be a pain, and some days i feel like i don't have any life beyond it, but i do know that i need the acountability they require to be successful in a nursing recovery program, statistically to many nurses relapse, and i can't afford too, im sure my addiction will kill me if i let it take control of me again, so for those of you who have a hard time finding jobs, be deligent and be pt, i sent out 10-20 resumes a day on line, i was honest about my situation and low and behold this job came through, so life does get better, but be honest with your program and be honest with your self, watered down urine tests, refusing hair tests, the only person you are fooling is your self,


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Congrats on your success !!


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Congrats on the new job! I have been job hunting for over 9 months now and I'm getting so discouraged. I've had 6 interviews and each time I was declined due to the restrictions on my license-I have pretty much all the restrictions my state board can give including no handling of narcs or psychotropics. I am interested in Mds coordinator positions. Did you have any experience or certifications before you were hired in your current position? I can't afford to get certified in mds now, I'm wondering if I could get hired into a position like that without specific experience in it. I have over 11 years exp. in Med-Surg (hospital). Wondering if I should even pursue this type of position without any mds experience. Any info would help, thanks!


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for myself, dialysis was a good fit- because the narcotic restriction did not matter- they utilize no narcotics. have been there for 18 months- love the job & love the patient population! i don't know if i would ever go back to a position that involved passing narcotics- kind of like an alcoholic going back to bartending- why bother? congratulations on your job!!