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Job ever not workout?

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I have had my current position for approximately 5 months and am just not being utilized to my abilities and I took a 20,000 pay cut to come here for my husbands job. Well his job is not working out. So we are moving close to his home near his family. I am going for a position of hospitalist which is alot like my prior old position. I prefer inpatient care and fast paced environment. The cost of living is so much better there too. Anyway I kinda feel guilty about leaving this job as they are really nice and all and my hospital priveleges are still pending even. But I'm just not getting paid enough and the cost of living is sky high. Has anyone else ever had an experience like this. Before this I had my other job for 8 years and lived in that place my whole life.

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I don't think its a problem. With this economy, you go where the jobs are. My husband and I live 175 miles apart because of this. I don't think anyone will think anything of this.

people aren't tied to companies like they used to be. It is actually pretty rare to stay for a long time at a company. With pensions being non-existant... I also think that is one reason people like being a NP, you can switch jobs and get new experiences and never have to worry about getting bored..

I've gotten emotionally tied to working at certain places, but guess what? When it was time to get rid of me, mess me over, or just plain forget about me, no employer ever acted like they lost sleep over me. It is nice that you like your job but you list compelling reasons to leave. You should not grieve the job change very much. Changing jobs is just a part of work life. Almost no one works for the same employer for any great length of time anymore. Good luck with your new job. Hopefully you will feel the same positive emotions about it as you now feel for your current job.

Thank you all for your input. I am waiting for a call back from the hospitalist job position. My husband actually already found a job in the new area merging his business with one already established there. So things are looking fairly good.

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