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We are in the process of revising our present job description as Information Technology Educators. We had a basic job description developed for us over 3.5 years ago. We have expanded the role to include more of the clinical analyst type of work, e-learning modules, etc.

If any one out there would be so kind to share (any) job description in nursing infomatics, including pay scale, we would be able to compare language and salary ranges with others in a position similar to ours.

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I would suggest looking at the American Medical Informatics Association's- Nursing Informatics Working Group site for position descriptions:

Also look at the American Nursing Informatics positions posting board at:

this might give you ideas about both salaries and job descriptions.

I also suggest you post your query to NursingL at

nrsing-l maillist - [email protected]

Once you have joined the listserve you can check the archives. I know in the past there have been several replys to this type of query.

If you need more info, let me know


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Can I fax the document to you?

Salary: $73,000 +


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I am interested in viewing your job desciption document. We are also creating this type of role in my organization. Would you mind faxing?


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At our facility we are planning on combining the Nursing Informatics Specialist role with the Continuous Improvement Specialist role. We will be developing a new job description which will pull both roles together. We also need to come up with a title that makes sense. Any ideas for a title?

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