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Job availability for new grads?

Patrish Patrish (New) New

Does anyone know what areas most new BSN RNs go into upon graduation I was just curious I was looking through the classifieds tonight looking at the RN jobs and almost every posting I read said must have so many years experience. Is it difficult to find positions right out of school when you donot have any experience?

Seems to me new grads are going almost everywhere lately, but I guess the bulk still go Med Surg. I went into Critical Care right out of school. It's not hard to get a job as a new grad- some hospitals offer programs for new grads, which are especially helpful if you chose not to work during school and only have clinical time as experience.

Hi Patrish. Congratulations on your successful pursuit to practice as a nurse. Let me point out three hurdles that you may be running into:

1. Are you applying for jobs in a particular area? Suburban as opposed to rural or urban?

2. Are you finding that most employers are looking for nurses with experience due to the growing nursing shortage?

3. Are you finding you can't get the shift, hours, or days you want?

Patrish, did you make yourself out a top 3 or 5 list of potential floors, areas, and employers? If you really want to practice as a nurse, you may have to settle for choice #5 for a while until you get the experience to apply for choice #1. Best wishes and let us know what you find.

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Go to a place that offers a preceptorship, or a "new grad" program.

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