Job application question, LTAC/SNF/LTC?


I have been working since January in a SNF/LTC facility, we have a vent unit, where I have heard that unit referred to as a Long term acute, I have been working in the LTC side of the facility and on the skilled unit, which has a few vent patients on it. Now I am being trained in the vent unit as well, I would like to have a new job in a hospital setting soon, my dream is to work back in the ED, as that was where I was as a CNA.

My question is on job applications for hospital, many of them ask if you have acute care experience, does long term acute care count?

On those pre-quailfy questions I always answer no, as I always invisioned acute care as a hospital setting, do hospital look at LTAC as skilled nursing or consider it acute care even though it is long term.

I would love to be able to answer yes and then maybe my application would actually get looked at, but I don't want to misrepresent myself.


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I would put yes the qualify with it is LTAC exp.. It is acute care only in an extended length of stay setting. It is not ICU though what I have seen it can be more intensive then some step down units, not all but some. I did infection control/employee health for LTAC and it walked like, quacked like a hospital to me but mine was inside a hospital. I visited a patient once in LTAC self standing and it felt LTCish. Hope this helps.