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Jersey College School of Nursing


Anyone have any experience with this school besides taking a tour of the campuses...I am an LPN looking to go back and get my RN and I've come across this school, looking at the 1 in Ewing NJ

I too am a LPN looking to be an RN. I haven't had experience with going but I was in the process of enrolling. I have heard so many bad stories and some good. I wanted to go (to the one in teterboro) but my gut is telling me not too. I paid deposit and everything but something isn't sitting with me right. I read an article about the one in Ewing and them failing people. Don't know how true that is. For the money aspect I think I will choose a different route as my payments were said to be 1200 a month for school and catch is you can't work full time. So I technically wouldn't be able to afford it. So although regular school takes a long while I think I'll feel more comfortable with it. I wish you luck with whatever you choose as I know it's hard to make a decision. Hope this helped.

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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There is an article in the nursing news section about the Jersey College NJ campus and a thread in the NJ Nursing forum about this school. Current reports state that many are barred from graduating for failure to pass a commercially prepared standardized exit exam...a policy in direct violation of NJBoN policy regarding exit exams.



I'm guessing is the hesi right?? I asked them about it and they said" we don't know what test you'll get at the end we offer 3 different exams. Then I asked

again about the hesi and they repeated the same thing. I don't know what to think, why are they giving me answers like that. Very strange.

I recently graduated and passed the exit exam on my 3rd attempt. I had a good experience with the school itself but I didn't like that they really don't help you when it comes to exit preparation. Other schools know that their school is using Hesi or ATI but at Jersey College they don't let you know what they're using so it's hard to know how to study. You're forced to talk to former students to ask them advice on how to study. Anyway I'm glad to be done! Next stop Nclex!