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Hey Everyone!

I've been trying to find a thread for the 2019 Fact in CC, but haven't really found anything so I wanted to start this for prospective students! Has anyone applied and heard back? I completed my application on the 29th and am impatiently waiting! What other schools are you guys applying to?

Hey Kristaly,

I have been looking for a thread also so thanks for getting one started! I have also applied and anxiously waiting... I still have some transcripts that are on their way. I check my status on TJAPP everyday haha. I applied and got into West Chester's ABSN, but they only gave me 10 days to accept/deny. Now I'm paranoid about getting in anywhere else!

Do you know if Thomas Jefferson still conducts interviews before acceptance? I've read on threads from previous years that they did but it isn't mentioned on their website.

Hey! 10 days to accept/deny us crazy!! I'm pretty sure they still do interviews. All my transcripts arrived by the 29th so now I'm just anxiously waiting to get some feedback! I applied to and got in last week! Luckily they give 60 days to accept so I have until mid November!

Hey guys! I'm glad I was able to find this thread. I applied beginning of August and got an email last Wednesday to set up an interview! I will be interviewing at the center city campus tomorrow morning! Hopefully you guys will hear back from them shortly but in the mean time good luck!!

Good luck on your interview! Let us know how it goes. I'm hoping they offer a Skype option, I live in Nashville :o

Omg that makes me feel a lot better! I've been stressing because Jefferson is my first choice. Congrats on the interview that's so exciting!! I'm nervous that my 3.4 gpa isn't enough but for all my pre requisites I got A's except for stats which I took my freshman year like 7 years ago and got a C+ ugh! Let us know how it goes!!

I'm pretty sure they do offer Skype interviews I've read that on other threads.

Hi everyone! My application was completed on sept 4 and I'm hoping for an interview invite soon. I'm currently doing my nutrition and statistics prerequisites and I'm hoping that it doesn't hurt my chances.

I don't think it'll matter! I'm taking micro at the moment!

I had a 3.38 undergrad gpa as well and am currently in the process of completeing my microbiology class that will not end until mid December! I have also applied to schools in Nashville and New York as well, and but have not heard back from anywhere else yet! But thank you I will for sure keep you updated on how it goes and what they ask!! I wouldn't worry if you have classes in progress it seems like they do conditional acceptances from what I have heard!

You seriously made me feel so much better! I rounded up but I'm at a 3.37 undergrad GPA but I've taken like 6 classes since then and got all A's. Let us all know how it goes!! Good luck!!

Also if it makes you feel better I got into . So if we have similar stats I think you'll be good :)

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