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Jefferson FACT & Villanova BSNExpress May 2015


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to start a thread to connect people applying to both Jefferson's FACT program and Villanova's BSNExpress program for May 2015!

I just had my interview with Villanova last week! It went really well and I'm confused on which school I should lean towards if I am lucky enough to be accepted to both as I feel both are wonderful choices!

Would love to hear from some of my potential future classmates!


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Hi! There's another thread on the BSN Express program here: https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/villanova-bsn-express-938708.html

A few people have also had their interviews. I have one at Villanova next week. How did yours go? At the moment Villanova is my first choice, the program seems really solid. If I get in I won't apply to Jefferson since I'll have to take another class.

Hi Sweetem!

Thanks for letting me know about the other thread. My interview went really well - just was asked to tell a little about myself and how I ended up choosing nursing, then was told all about the program and asked if I had any questions. Probably about 40 minutes. The next acceptance meeting is in September so hoping to hear end of Sept/early Oct if I'm accepted! I'm sure you're interview will go great - good luck!