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If you could choose between the three (Jeff State, Wallace/Hanceville or Lawson State) which would you choose and why?

Thanks for your answer to this poll.


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Well, just based on the posting I've seen on this forum for the last few years I would say Wallace.


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Well, I have attended all of them but Wallace! I got accepted into Wallace so thats a no brainer for me. Lawson has yet to respond! Jeff State is extremely hard to me. I think it will be hard anywhere you go. The best thing to do is to go to the Alabama Board of Nursing and see what the passing rate is to be a nurse and let that be your decision. Don't go to a school who doesn't have a good rating because obviously that means something somewhere is not going right and people are not passing the test to become nurses. I have personally only heard nothing but good things about Wallace! Jeff State is overrated! LOL! Just kidding! It's okay just really hard! Lawson was an awesome school but recently have went sour so I hope that help you! Good Luck!


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hmm.. I'm also deciding between jeff state and Wallace, but jeff state is about 15 minutes from me and Wallace about an hour???


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I am going to Jeff State. I was accepted there and am still waiting to hear from Lawson. Really, the deciding factor for me was distance (I live in Moody and the campuses for Lawson are farther away). Besides, I took all my prereqs at Jeff State so I'm comfortable with everything there.


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Yeah... Same here I got my associates from jeff state and I live really close so I think I will just go there if I'm accepted for the spring.. I have 187 points, just hope that's good enough!!


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Jeff State just got a 100% pass rate on NCLEX from their Shelby campus May 2009 graduates!!

Jeff State- Shelby....definitely. I got in to both Wallace and Jeff State. I've heard nothing but good things about Wallace, I personally chose Jeff State due to the smaller class size. At Wallace, there are 5 groups of students because they accept 200 and at Jeff State all of us stay together. I think that makes it a little easier to get to know each other and form study groups and what not!! Good luck with your decision!

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