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Jeff State Fall 2020

by ALB1997 ALB1997 (New) New Student

Hey guys, I figured I would go ahead and make this thread for anyone who has or is thinking of applying for fall 2020. If so what are your points, and to which campus did you apply?


I am thinking about applying for fall 2020. I currently have 38 points without the additional point of the nursing school session attendance. I will be applying to the shelby evening program. How many points do you have and what campus will you apply to?

I have 37 points. I applied for day program at Clanton campus as my first choice and Shelby as my second. When was the nursing school session??

It was different sessions scheduled for this month. They cancelled them because of COVID-19. So no one will be able to get that extra point on the application.

I am applying to Pell City and Shelby with 37 points. I’m also planning to apply to Wallace State. Do you guys think they will even have a fall program this year since Summer was canceled?

I mean Summer school is still in session just all online. I don’t know how the nursing program has been affected by that transition though.

The program has been canceled for Summer, at least the students who were starting the program this Summer have been pushed back and are not starting until fall.

The application is already open so they’re planning for the fall semester. I also plan to apply for Wallace in Selma. I called their nursing advisor today and she said they were still having fall nursing but they’re just pushing applications back until June.

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Oh okay I gotcha. Well yeahhh, I’m not sure in that case then.

Summer nursing program at Wallace starts May 20th but for Jeff State the new incoming students aren’t starting this Summer. I’m concerned it will limit the pool of students accepted for fall or either push fall back to Spring. I contacted an advisor and was told that no decisions have been made at this point but that the website would be updated when a decision has been made.

You have a good point. I hope it doesn’t limit the pool of students accepted for fall. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I really hope that’s not what happens. I’m already extremely nervous!