any jccc or neosho grads or students???


hi, i am currently doing my prereqs now at highland community college. i am going to transfer to either jccc or neosho which ever one i get accepted to. i was wondering if anyone could give me some info on getting accepted into either of if theses schools. i know jccc is really hard to get into. also how did you like going to these schools? what was your schedule like? any information helpful. thanks in advance. :bow:


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From what the people I know have said about Neosho, it sounded about the same as Labette. Pretend ur a mute when the teachers are around =P

Seems they have a fully online LPN to RN bridge program there.

hi, i am currently doing my prereqs now at highland community college. i am going to transfer to either jccc or neosho which ever one i get accepted to. i was wondering if anyone could give me some info on getting accepted into either of if theses schools. i know jccc is really hard to get into. also how did you like going to these schools? what was your schedule like? any information helpful. thanks in advance. :bow:

I applied to JCCC program twice and I did not get in, now that doesn't mean you will not get accepted. Both times I got an interview. I completed all prerequisite before applying. My friend was accepted into Neosho LPN program last year, she completed that program and pass the boards this year. She will automatically bridge to the ADN this semester. Oh yeah, did I mention she got accepted into their program one week after applying. As far me, I am entering my final two semeters for the BSN program at MNU. So don't put all your eggs in one basket. Good Luck. :up::up:


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I was considering JCCC or NCCC aslo. For me, I have aspirations to go into CRNA, as such, since I have a B.S. in Engineering, it made since to go for the RN and then while getting my ICU experience, have the hospital pay to finish out the remaining credits for the RN-to-BSN.

I never really persued the JCCC program because by not living in Johnson County you are at an automatic disadvantage as its worth 5 or 10 pts on their seletion scale. In other words, they initally select people on a point system that is comprised of grades, location, interview, ACT score, etc. Anyways, they have so many Johnson County residents apply, that the odds were not in my favor to get in.

As such, I only applied to NCCC, and got in. I start in Jan. I have heard nothing but great things about thier program, and as a bonus, many of thier clinicals are in Lawrence, Ottawa, Olathe, Topeka, Overland Park area, and since I live in Lawrence, it just works out. They have an satelite campus in Ottawa, KS which is 20 miles south of Lawrence.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have anyother questions.


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i had figured that about jccc. but thought i would maybe give it a try but i don't think so now. i also live right outside lawrence so i was thinking neosho in ottawa would be my best bet. i have a couple of questions for you. how was the teas test to get in and the interview, how was that? also did you have all prereqs completed when you applied? thanks in advance butterfly:bow:


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Dont not apply on my account. In my case, when I went up there and talked to them, I just felt that getting in there would be too much trouble for me.

The TEAS test for NCCC covered just basic math and reading/reasoning. There wasnt any biology or science or word definitions to my suprise. To me, it was pretty easy. I got the review book, looked over the whole thing once, and took the test. Its really nothing you havent learned in formal education, so, just be menally ready to take a test as opposed to working yourself up for a big exam. Again, you want to do well, but its nothing compared to tests I took in college.

My interview was right after I took the test. They give you the results right away. It was a one-on-one interview. It seems the TEAS is more of a "weeding" out tool, meaning, if you perform adequately, then they are interested in why you want to be a nurse. I was very honest in my interview, and simply expressed my interests in working with people and desire to make a difference. I illuded to my dislikes of being an engineer, and how having a hand in the medical feild was an ideal fit for me. I also talked about my aspirations to accelerate through the nursing field with hopes to enter into a CRNA program. But, the bottom line, I was brutally honest.

Theres a list on thier website for the prereqs they want. For me, I was mostly covered since I had been taking night classes when I was preparing for pharmacy school, and I had my undergrand already.

Hope this helps. Again, let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Benjamin,

I'm a 1st year student at JCCC - I have to say, it's an incredible program!

My recommendations for getting in:

Have as many prereqs completed as possible

Have experience working somewhere in the healthcare industry

Volunteer time doesn't hurt!

You have to have your CNA, of course...

A good ACT score (esp. science - though I will say, my science score wan't too terribly impressive)

and applying early never hurts.

Dress professionaly if/when you get an interview, be polite, and put some thought into the questions they ask you.

Also, lots of us get financial aid, so being a JoCo resident isn't everything...

Let me know if you have any questions!


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JCCCNurseGrrl, would you mind if I asked you a few questions about the JCCC program?

I am trying to decide whether to take anatomy and physiology as separate courses or taking the class that combines both of them. I know some schools such as KCKCC only accept the courses if you take them separately, but that takes 2 semesters. JCCC is my first choice, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, as I know it is difficult to get in their program. Do you know anyone who took anatomy over the summer? 8 weeks would make it very intense and difficult, but I'd like to get it out of the way. However, I need to keep my GPA up, and that may not be a good way to do it! Did you have anatomy AND physiology finished when you were accepted?

Sorry for all the questions! I am confused about many things because I seem to get different answers from every counselor, student, or teacher I talk to. Do you think it would be worth it to make an appointment to talk with a nursing program teacher?

Thanks SO MUCH in advance! Good luck in the program!


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Hey there - ask all the questions you want, I've been there, I know what it's like.

I DID finish my A&P before getting into the program - but I know of one person in particular who did not, and took it during the program. DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Next to impossible to do.

I also took the combined course thru JCCC.

It would have been difficult to do it in the summer, but had I dedicated my life to that, and that alone, I could have pulled it off.

If you're thinking JCCC I recommend taking the combined course - but if a different school you might want to go to requires something else, it's probably best to keep that in mind.

I would highly recommend you talk to someone at JCCC. They do have counselors who "specialize" in nursing - and you could see one of them. You could also call Gail in the nursing office. 913-469-8500 x 3157 Tell her you are interested in the program and she will mail you a packet with an application and all the info you need. It will tell you the requirements of the program. She can also answer general questions.

Feel free to ask me any other questions, I'll check back every day or two.


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I am a second year student at JCCC.

I would def reccomend taking A&P seperately, especially if you want to go on to get your BSN, as most programs require 6 hours of A&P and the combined is only 5. Also, the combined doesn't give you a compleate comprehension of phsysiology- which is SO vital to nursing information. But learning it as you go isn't impossible...but it would have been better seperately. I will probably go and just take physiology by itself to get my 1 hour needed (even though its a 3 hour class) just so i can feel like i have a better understanding of how body systems function. Think of it this way, knowing every notch in your femur isn't near as important as knowing how vital your pancrease is, how your kidneys function, or how your heart pumps blood - none of which we really covered in my A&P class, and i had an exceptional instructor who has been teaching for many years and has quite a bit of expierence in his field.

I also would not reccomend any classes over the summer - they move very fast and seem to skip over important information. aslo, keeping your gpa up while in a summer class...most of the time you just hope to pass, let alone get an A.

also, they say that its hard to get into the program. I graduated highschool december 2006, took the 3, yes count them there are but 3 (besides your CNA, but if you don't have that and aren't working as a CNA, in my opinion, you have no business trying to get into nursing school...but thats just me ) prerequistes that spring and summer, and started nursing school aug 2007. i have taken all the corequistes as COrequisites, and I, by no means, would EVER reccomend this. I don't even have kids or responsibilities, but I do work as an aide and coach volleyball...but if you have a family, i'm not even sure that it would be possible. But the point was, when I applied to the program, I had my CNA, and Composition 1 compleated (because I had to take that to graduate highschool early) and that was all. My GPA was 3.8 and I had a composite 26 on my ACT and 28 in the science section. I may be the exception to the rule, and actually hoped to NOT get in right away so I could take some classes...but I guess God just didn't have that for me in his plan. haha. but when I hear people say "i didn't even apply to JCCC because there was no way I could get in" I think "haha. yeah right. there was no way I should have gotten in...but i did"

Neosho, from what i can tell, along with KCCC, has a good program. Although i have heard about quite a few people from those programs that had to take NCLEX several times, and that the year before us, only 3 people didn't pass the first time, I think, but I'm not 100% sure on that. In general, JCCC is known for having a very high pass rate and success.

Also, JCCC compared to a 4 year program, such as KU, has much better clinical expierence. We get more because we are only a 2 year program, and I have 2 personal friends who are in the program, and with talking with them, they and I have both aggreed that I have gotten a much better expierence, which supprised me, because I would assume that the 4 year programs would have better clinicals, but that just doesn't seem to be the case.

JCCC instructors are also really awesome. Both clincally and in the classroom. I would not reccomend taking the LPN to RN if you can help it, because the expectations are just different, and the LPN transitions seem to be struggling (not academically but just stressing about what their instructors want and doing things the "RN" way compared to the way they were taught - althought I'm not entirely sure they were supposed to be different, but they seem to be. But every instructor I have had has always been very open, open to questions, very "teachy", and allow for a lot of independence if they can tell you can handle it. They're very good at treating you like you instead of just another student. (ie expecting more from people who can handle doing more, ect)

i hope any of this information is helpful. I hope i'm not sounding like an infomecial for JCCC, but I think they have an excellent program, and I have learned a lot from it. Let me know if you want to know anything else!



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JCCC also has a nursing informational meeting like once or twice a month... where a director does a powerpoint presentation of all the different nursing programs they offer, plus they have a ton of transfer information for those taking pre-nursing classes at jccc and then transferring to other schools for their BSN and such...

Its pretty helpful and you can ask lots of questions and its a great introduction to the programs... plus you get like a gazillion handouts with helpful information.

You have to call and reserve a spot, you can just call the student resource center or any of the other numbers above will get you with someone you need to talk to.

they do fill up, they ended up doing standing room only in the one I was at because so many people wanted to attend.


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Thanks to all those giving info! I really appreciate it.

I'm torn between trying to take anatomy over the summer and physiology in the fall versus taking anatomy in the fall and physiology in the spring. I will be applying to JCCC in the Fall of 2009 and I wanted to have both A&P finished by the time I applied in December or January. The only way to do that at this point would be to take anatomy in the summer. Does it matter if you have all of the science classes completed at the time of your application? Worst case scenario, I would have everything BUT physiology.

I'm also worried about the ACT, which I never took. The science portion is really difficult. I have a study booklet and am still freaking out about that particular portion. I've worked on it a lot and still miss quite a few. What do you think is the lowest possible science and overall score I would need?

Thanks to all of you for answering these questions! I think I will be in a state of panic until I actually get in a program, which won't be til next year! Best of luck to everyone.

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