I am a new nurse. Freshly off of orientation for a month and a half. Jcaho is at my hospital this week. I have to work tomorrow and I am very very nervous. What if I don't know how to answer their questions. What if they pick me to follow around? What if they chose one of my patient's charts to review. I don't work well under that kind of pressure. I may clam up.

They haven't gone to my unit yet today. I'm still getting updates from the nurses. But if they don't go today they'll surely be there tomorrow. Ohh man.

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The answer to any question they ask, if you don't know the answer, is "I don't know but I can look it up for you." The place to look will always be the P&P.


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Here is what we tell our nurses:

Use basic survey manners

Do not argue with surveyors; keep the conversation on a professional level and be sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Do Be truthful; don’t try to “snow” a surveyor. JC has developed so many checks and balances in its survey system that any misrepresentations or falsehoods will most likely be caught. Remember that your CEO, board chair, and chief of medicine are required to sign statements assuring the validity of all representations.

Do refer to JC as “The Joint Commission” not “JayCo” and never refer to the surveyors as “inspectors”.

Do not slouch, chew gum, or use inappropriate language. Be professional at all times.

Do reply to surveyors’ questions directly and concisely. Don’t monopolize the conversation, try to embellish answers, or volunteer unnecessary information. Remember: just the facts and only answer what is asked without giving any more information!

Do not blurt out answers. STOP and think before you speak.

Do admit nervousness if you are nervous about talking to surveyors

Do ask to have question restated

Do say, “I know its here, but I can’t find it.”, if you know a policy exists but you can’t find it.

Do not modify a chart after the surveyor leaves the unit.

Do not say we have to do it for Joint Commission

Do remember your Hand Hygiene Policy and WASH YOUR HANDS frequently.

Do remember surveyors’ eyes are always watching and their ears are always listening! ! !

And most important… Do remember to SMILE. We do an excellent job taking care of patients. A lot of survey success is our attitude: friendly, caring and confident.

Hope this helps!


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I agree with June55Baby totally. And, if you had a great preceptor that did things the 'right' way (meaning by policy), you should have no problem other than the occasional butterflies that come when we feel like we're "on the spot". I have found that when Joint Commission comes around everyone is in a tizzy, but for me it ends up as another day at work with extra visitors or that family member that asks a zillion questions before they are satisfied that the loved one in question is getting the proper care. Also remember your HIPAA policies. You'll do fine.

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