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Hello I really need advice if I did the right thing I applied to jacksonville university nursing program the other day because I just got accepted to the university. Now I graduate next year may I will be obtaining my associates of arts degree from FSCJ and then start out at JU if I get accepted into the transfer program was I right or wrong for applying for the transfer program at JU the reason I am asking this is because I know you have to done STATS to apply but according to chris as long as you do it before the program starts thats ok I am currently taking college algebra at fscj and in the spring I am taking stats I have all my prereqs done which I am so glad. I am hoping I get in alot f people tell me not to worry because I am a male I listen but then i try to stay positive I know JU give everyone chance I am striving and determining to become a nurse I am a caring person I just love people there is alot of people that is out there in nursing for the money not me I am there for the real purpose and thats for the patient please help with advice I know I am making the right choice with going to JU and not the other ones.

Hey. I am planning to apply to JU transfer BSN program too. I currently attend FSCJ too, and Im taking college algebra this semester, and need 3 more classes next term and then as far as I know, Ill have my AA. I have all my pre-reqs done too and have not taken the STATS or whatever its called. BUT, I have not applied to JU yet b/c the cutoff for the applications is April 1st, and I wont have my AA by April 1st. (probably the end of April or start of May. I dont know how much of the requirements have to be done before you can apply. Im excited about JU. I think you did the right thing. An info u could give me would be greatly appreciated

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If you graduate next year then you can apply for the transfer program I see currently you are taking college algebra you can still apply for the program as long as you have all of the pre reqs done before the program I am taking stats and hum next semester then I graduate I just applied to the nursing program the day I just got accepted into the university the other day it was not long at all.

so what basis will the accept you under? your AA gpa? You pre-req GPA? Im just afraid thetll deny me if i apply now b/c I dont have enough of the requirements done. what was your GPA if u dont mind me asking?

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I have a 2.5 thats the requirement for JU but because I work fulltime and go to school its hard but I know that I will get through nursing school have you been on JU site all you need to get in the program is A&P 1and2 nutrition chemistry micro I think thats it

I definitely understand that. I have 2 kids:eek:

Anyways, My GPA for pre-reqs is 3.5, and I saw where someone got into the transfer BSN with a 2.8

Maybe Ill be able to apply after I finish Algebra

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