J. Sargeant Reynolds Fall 2016

U.S.A. Virginia


Hey, all! Was just looking for anyone that may be applying to J. Sarge for fall 2016 for the RN program?? Wondering what Kaplan scores were like compared to mine, etc!! Very nervous about the six week wait!

Hey there! I applied for Fall 2016 too. Also really nervous, but hoping for good news in 6 weeks. My Kaplan score was 88, how about you?

I applied for fall 2016. I also would like to know what scores other people got. My overall was also an 88. 95 in reading. 93 in math. 90 in writing. 70 in science.

Well you all are both better than mine! I was above 90% in reading and math, 100% in writing, and 50% in science (I'm enrolled in AnP 2 for this summer. Overall was an 80.2...I've seen lowest acceptance scores as low as 70 and another semester was 77...I'm confident you are both in!

Nice scores, guys! JDS2345, were you at the May info session? It sounds like they use the science score as a tie breaker if two people were at the cutoff (at least that was my interpretation). Your overall score is definitely above 77 though!

No, I was at the November 17th session, KLM! I figured it would be smarter to retake the science portion after I take physiology II if I don't get in this semester lol

Hi, I applied for both the LPN and RN programs. I'm sooo nervous and you all made it much worst with our Kaplan scores lol. Six weeks is a very long time to wait. Good luck to everyone who has applied.

They did say it would be 6 weeks at the I for sessions you all went to didn't they?

Yes, they said 6 weeks.

Hello, When I dropped off my application on the 16th I was told it would be 6 - 8 weeks. I am hoping for sooner rather than later. I am worried my 81 on the Kaplan isn't enough to get in. When I emailed Mrs. Edwards last month she said go for a score of 80 in math and reading and 70 on science. I assumed since writing is only weighted at 10% was why she didn't mention it so I am still hopeful I will get in. Good luck to all of you :)

Yeah I though she said at the November session that an 80 was competitive...I really hope so! There's not much room for improvement for me on my scores except science, but I'm not taking that until I finish AnP 2

I went to the information session on feb 26th. I didnt think then to ask about recent kaplan scores for acceptance. If I don't make it this round i am considering applying to 2 other programs as well next semester after i take bio 142. It actually is kind of a bummer they don't go over what you need for the kaplan in bio 141. It would be a lot to learn but it would have made the Kaplan much easier. :) hopefully we both get in :)

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