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i am taking the teas test in feb. or maybe sooner. i currently have a gpa of 4.0. and so far a's in a&p ii and psych that i am taking now online. i'm super nervous about the teas test though! hypothetically, if i were to not do so well on the test, does anyone know how far this 4.0 gpa will help since they are included in the test score?


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I have been to 2 nursing info classes and they stated that they really look at the TEAS results when selecting their candidates for any nursing programs. Its a very competative course to get into.

Just do the best you can and study like a demon. Also I would suggesting you buy the TEAS study guide. Its a great book! Good luck


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I have a study guide for sale for $30 if interested!

Thanks for the great offer, but I already purchased the study guide. If your looking to sell it, I suggest Ebay you'll get your money back and them some.

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The system at Richmond is based on grades and the TEAS test. Each is worth a certain percentage math and sciences classes hold more weight than english etc. From our class our TEAS scores ranged from high 90's to the middle 80's from what other class members were saying. Having a 4.0 does help. When I applied for the Richmond campus I had a 3.75, needed to complete Advanced ANP, and got a 94 on the TEAS, this was with the old curriculum so I'm not sure how much it has changed. Study for the TEAS, take your time and you'll be fine. Good luck!!


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At Ivy Tech Bloomington, the 4 pre-reqs hold more weight than the TEAS. An A is worth 30 pts and a B is worth 20 pts. I had an advisor explain that getting a B on 1 pre-req will drop you down 10 pts and that's like scoring a whole 10 pts lower on the TEAS. We had a girl that scored 94% on the TEAS which is really great, but she had taken her ANP at IU Bloomington and got a B. Losing the ten points was like having scored an 84% TEAS instead of the 94% she did score. The advisor said no one gets into the RN program with an 84% TEAS.


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They will try and scare you at Bloomington! My co-worker is in the RN right now and she had 2-B's, 2 A's and an 80 on the TEAS.Of course they tell you you will fail, its so hard, 1/2 will drop out and so on. They did that at the meeting. Its to weed out the ones who are fearful. They graduate at B-town with 100% passing the NCLEX for the past few years. If you are talking about the nursing chair.........Vicki, yes, she does scare people by saying stuff like that.....its all psychological to weed out the bad and attract the good.

But I DO know for a fact that you CAN get in with less than an 84 on the TEAS. :D


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I think that when they have more spots it's easier to get in. I don't know why they're only putting 10 in this spring's RN program. I had a 4.0 and 91 on TEAS and I'm one of the lowest ones to get in. The #1 alternate had an 86% w/4.0. I've heard they are having a massive shortage of instructors and therefore just can't take many students. Kind of sucks!


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With the shortage of nurses, you would think that they would smarten up and get those instructors hired. I have seen a few ads in the paper for nursing instructors for the B-town campus. I think they only utilize the BH or nursing homes....so not much choice there.

I'm amazed the gov't dosen't give them an incentive to hire more instructors to help with the nursing shortage.

Yes, it does suck and unfortunatly we the students who want to get to school so badly have to pay the price.


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I've heard that they don't really pay instructors very well. If they can make more money working in the education department at the hospital, why bother teaching right? Of course, if they don't have people to train new nurses, eventually they won't have any nurses.

I was told at my nursing info session in Richmond that they're admitting 40 for Fall 2008. Earlier here, I read 10. Anyone know which is correct? I have a 4.0 so far and score 94 on my TEAS, but I'm still taking ANP II, so I'm not assured of my A just yet. If only 10 are being admitted, it kind of worries me.

i was told at my nursing info session in richmond that they're admitting 40 for fall 2008. earlier here, i read 10. anyone know which is correct? i have a 4.0 so far and score 94 on my teas, but i'm still taking anp ii, so i'm not assured of my a just yet. if only 10 are being admitted, it kind of worries me.

i'm applying to the lpn program in richmond, in. i went to the info. session back in november. i'm looking at the packet we received-it says they're accepting 50 applicants.

i finished my pre-reqs in december with a 4.0. i'm taking my teas saturday! can you tell me if you thought it was hard? thanks and good luck with a&pii.:nuke:

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