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Ivy Tech Fall 2015 Evansville LPN and ASN/RN


Hi all, there are currently no existing threads for those applying to the LPN and ASN programs in Evansville for the Fall of 2015, so I figured I would start one! I'm only applying to the LPN program with a 128/160. I have A's in the prerequisites and a 68 on the TEAS. I was going to take the TEAS exam again, but my advisor told me to save my 2nd attempt, and that a 128 was a strong score to get into the LPN program. She said cutoff for ASN program is around 130/160. I know this last semester the highest score to get into ASN at Evansville was 146! I'm very hopeful that I get into the LPN program. I want to be a nurse so badly! Good luck to all of you, and I look forward to chit-chatting about everything!

Hi. I've just applied to the pn and asn program in Evansville as well. I am hoping for a A in APHY which I am taking now and then my score would be 131. I am wanting to hear form any others who have done the first semester of the program as well. I want to know which science courses would you choose on the ones where you have a choice. I am not good at science and micro and chemistry scare me and so was thinking of possibly being happy to do pn instead. I am taking aphy 2 over summer. Has anyone done this is it a bad idea? I don't want to get overwhelmed in my first semester! Any thoughts on if I could make it into pn with a 131? My name ios Shannon. Which classes are you in now?

Hello Everyone!

I spoke with my Advisor today in Evansville campus and she said as of yesterday (March 31) there had been 50 students who've turned in their applications so far. And depending on how many more turned in their applications today, there was probably a 40/60 chance of getting accepted in the Program. I turned in an application for both Programs and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for either one.

Had to copy/paste that first paragraph because I posted it on a general Ivy Tech fall 2015, but this one is specifically, Evansville, which is where I'm going for. You guys have a better score than me so far, so good luck to you all! I have a total points of 120. Terrible, the TEAS test got me. At least, I have a second chance to take it saved up in case I don't get accepted this fall semester. I'm hoping for the best though. It all depends on how many people applied this semester, the least, the better our chances. Good luck everyone! PS_ the long wait of two months to get a letter is the worse part...

I'm taking APHY 102 this summer in Evansville. My professor had told me APHY 102 is easier than 101, so I'm going for it.

hey I'm taking APHY this summer too is it OK to say which professor? Wondering if you are in my class. I have the best teacher I think! LOL Thanks for posting that about the number that applied. I had always heard that tons applied and only a few got in. Got my hopes up now. Hoping we can be in nursing school both of us! Good luck. Have you taken chemistry or micro? Trying to decide which one to take first over next summer and then the other one while in program. SCARY

My professor will be Mr. Walls. ;)I have not taken Chemistry nor Micro, and I think that's probably why I scored so low on the TEAS, I don't know,, I just found the Science section a little overwhelming in my opinion.

I hadn't taken any science whatsoever before teas. My score suffered as well. I have Rendleman I personally think she's the best. I am doing the hybrid class. hope to see you in nursing!

Did she say 50 people for both programs combined? I think you have a shot at the pn program! My advisor told me that the lowest for last semester for pn was 117, I think the highest was 128 or 129. That's just for pn though. I believe ash scores ranged from 130-146!

For studying for the TEAS, I recommend looking up Rachel P on youtube. She's in a nursing program somewhere else, got a 94 on the TEAS, and has TEAS study videos that helped me a lot. I was able to raise my score from a 68 to an 80!

Hi Shannon! I'm currently in BIO 121 with Woodruff at USI-and I was hoping for an A. However, even after relentless studying I'm still not positive I'm going to actually get an A. So I retook my TEAS exam over spring break and raised my score a lot just in case I get a B! Now if I get a B my score will still be 130. I think taking A&P 2 over the summer will be fine, I'm also doing that this summer with Puckett. Since A&P 2 isn't a prerequisite course that's added into the points for admissions, you really just have to pass the class-an A isn't necessary.

Is there any updates for how many applied to the program? I am nervous but am applying with a 142/160 @ the E-ville campus. :blink:

I don't know how many applied but I would be extremely surprised if you didn't get in with a 142. My advisor said last semester the cut off for ASN was around 130. I'm applying to Evansville LPN with a 140.

I asked today when I was at school and there was appx 100 applicants.

I did get my A in anatomy but am really worried my score is only 131.7 and I keep hearing 140 and up. I only took teas once to save in case for next time. I would love to hear from more people who have applied in Evansville. The lowest score last year was 128 that got into RN. anyone know how many applicants there were last year?

Really want to know my chances!

Hi everyone! I applied to the the evansville RN program and opted out of applying for the LPN program. I have all As and an 84 on the teas which puts me at 144. I'm really nervous and impatient. í ½í¸•í ½í¸•

@awlayma who told you 100 applied? That makes me nervous!

@mistyphillips do you mind me asking why you applied to LPN and not RN?

Good luck to everyone!!

The last I heard about the Evansville ASN was that 60 had applied on March 31, the day before the due date, and that they would likely take around 40. Getting very anxious! I applied to Evansville and Indy ASN. I wish there was an area on the application for autobiography for health care experiences and such like that.