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IVT Case Completion concern..


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from what I know, you'll be doing that with your partner and not just a dummy. It's good way so that we'll know what our patients feel when being inserted with an IV line.


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during the return demonstration, trainees need to complete five procedures, namely: iv insertion, blood transfusion, iv medications, total parenteral nutrition, one on one insertion. there are stations where you'll meet preceptors who will grade your demonstrations in front of them.

procedure i is done with a dummy arm. it is also divided into four sub-procedures: preparation, insertion, changing, removing. while you are doing the procedure with the preceptor in front of you, you also need to say something about each and every step.

procedure ii is done with bt equipments

procedure iii is also divided into four sub-procedures: iv incorporation, iv push, heparin, volumetric chamber

procedure iv is done with tpn

procedure v is one on one insertion. this is just like the procedure i (sub procedure b: insertion) but not with a dummy arm anymore. there are two trainees involved, one will insert iv needle to the other and vice versa. its just like doing injection return demo during our college days.

there, that's my personal experience. better read and memorize the procedure (step by step) before the day of training, it will help a lot.

sad part: i've been waiting for my iv card for 2 months and 4 days now. upon filing my cases at ansap office, they told me to wait for 2 months it is also written on the small paper they gave. i called them twice, unfortunately, they told me that releasing of iv cards will be delayed and just told me to expect it by january, 3 months of waiting. :down:

Ooooooh what a bad luck, my friends didn't make it to the registration, I do not have a partner. Plus I'm afraid to feel again the pain that I felt when we did the return demonstration for parenteral meds, or might be worst... =(


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@ lochia alba, Don't worry, it's all fine, it is even fun. It won't hurt. :D

Hi! I just arrive after I registered at Bulacan Medical Center for their Basic IVT training. I am scheduled on the latest date they have and that is January 15-17, 2009:nmbrn:


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@ manudelrosario, That's good. Bulacan Medical Center is a good choice, just be prepared with it. Especially if you are from Metro Manila and you have to travel the expressway to get there. I mean, waking up early and going home very late. They don't start the training at the exact at it usually scheduled, they start it very early and they don't end it at the exact time too, they end it late. Food and other services are good too! :yeah:

You can also take the completion there. If you have question, just shoot it. :D

Hi official02! Thanks for your message:up: I am also from Bulacan so I think I will not be having a hard time going there to have my training. I am just worried because the training date is exactly the date where I am going to have my midterm exams at my graduate program :argue:. I will do a way for me to be excuse in the said exam :specs: One more clarification, should I need to pay any amount for the completion of my cases?:crying2:

i just want to ask if BMC do accept ivt trainees for completion? I had my training from other hospital.. and i do stillneed cases because they have a very few patients...


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@ manudelrosario, Good for you. Hehe. You don't need to pay anything for the completion anymore. I think it is already included with payment for training. After your return demonstration and grade verification, quickly schedule yourself for the completion. It is a 2 day completion, 3 trainees in the morning and 3 trainees in the afternoon. You can complete it, almost anywhere in the hospital. I would just like to recommend Medical Ward, there are nice and accomodating staffs there.

a couple of weeks ago i went to this hospital for my ivt completion and i was wondering why the staff nurses there won't let us touch their patients...i meant figuratively. they just gave us the cases and only a few of the staff allowed me to join them and carry out the medication orders (iv push, aspirating meds from vials etc. --the very basic ones). i didnt even have the chance to do iv insertion eventhough they knew i was there 'to learn'.

i didn't know if it's a usual procedure for us to just observe the staff doing their iv's and stuff.... maybe i wasn't assertive enough to tell them or ask them , 'would you allow me to do it?'. it's obvious they were very busy.

what's the use of getting a completion if we cant have the chance to validate our skills.

after i was given my ivt cases, i wonder....maybe these nurses learned their craft /got used to doing all these nursing procedures when they were hired/when they were given patient assignments/ ..maybe then they felt really accountable for their patients such that they would hardly let their patients be handled by practicumers ...

how long does it took you to complete your iv requirements?

i also also have the same problem and i feel the same way. i even asked the nurses to allow me to do it myself. they only allow me to assisted them with the iv insertion procedure. then this particular nurse said: can you do it? the needle is too big... over and over again. :argue: you didn't even inserted your first case... then she looked in the eye and i looked back and said that i can. she even asked for our school name and then told us to look around another unit for our case and come back if we can't find. the only thing left for her to say is, "nope, you're not allowed!" or "you can't!". :sniff:

when we came back, she already did the procedure herself and gave me the case details. i swear if you can only see me that day, i almost kneel in front of her to let me do it myself. it was so disappointing.:crying2: i've learned from a fellow participant that she too didn't have the chance herself.

so now, i have a few question:

do i have to file my cases as soon as possible after my case completion? or is it ok if i hold it for a few months before my ivt training certificate expire? :stone

i am planning to complete my cases in a different hospital. start all over again from scratch... is this possible? how?

i need your help asap before it's too late. thank you very much, my dear colleagues.

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