IVF in an emergency situation


Hey guys, Just a little confused regarding IVF administration. Some book says IVF requires HCP's prescription and some says we can give it to a patient without prescription, can we give it without prescription/order or only in some situation(like in such emergency)?

Sample: A patient with DM admitted with signs of DKA such as dehydration, fruity breath,nausea and blood glucose of 400mg/dL, what should the nurse do first?contact physician or administer fluid?

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Totally read this as "in-vitro fertilization"

On another note, if it was an emergency situation, then I would assume the facility would have protocols for that sort of thing.

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If the patient is brought in with paramedics they start an IV and fluids. You need an "order" to hang IV fluids....facilities have protocols for this that are physician driven. IN the ED we start an IV and fluids. In ICU the same....on the floor you need to call for an order or call a Rapid response team and hey have standing protocols they follow.


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Thanks fellas ^_^