I've been offered a travel assignment in St.

U.S.A. Nevada


Georges , Utah...which I see is not far from Las Vegas....anyone know anything about the UT area? How far is it from Vegas? Any good national parks or sights near there that you've heard about?? Heard anything at all??


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St. George, Utah is located in the southernmost tip of Utah, about 2 hrs from Las Vegas. It is a medium to small town, with a small college, Dixie College located there. The town is very conservative due to a largely Mormon population with conservative family values. Also, is home to many "snowbirds", retired folks from wintery North who prefer the milder climate for winters.

But don't think it doesn't get cold enough for coats and mittens! Just little snow , or in summer, little rain.

Nearest 'restort' towns are Brian Head Ski resort, an hour north: great powder skiing! and Mesquite, NV, an hour south, near the state line: Casinos and resorts specialize in spa packages and golf packages that are often purchased by local Las Vegas folks as the price is great!

Good Luck!


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