I've logged on 25 times so far...

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To check my grade on the Med Surg II mid term. Come on, do a girl a favor and post them!!!! Let's all send mental telepathy to my teacher to post the grades soon. :yelclap:

At least I know what to do if I develop an ulcer from this stress. Or I failed and then maybe I don't know. :chuckle


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Ohh.....I hate that! Last time I sat at my desk and literally hit "refresh" a hundred times waiting for my grade to post. Hang in there! :)


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Wow, I am waiting for my med-surg II grade to post also. The test was a killer another nsg. prof. said it was the hardest test she ever saw. I am sweating right now. This prof. writes NCLEX review question for books.

Hope I done okay

Good luck.


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I got an 80. I am okay w/that.

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