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So I've decided that I want to pursue a carrer in Nursing. I've always wanted to be a nurse, as far back as I can remember. Let me give you a little insight on myself, I'm 18 years old, I live in West Virginia, Just graduated High school in June.

Every Nursing Program I've checked into requires a few college credits - which use a point system where you get more points if you have some college credits, certifications and ect.

Here's my plan: Start taking classes at the Community College here in the town where I live ( They have a wonderful Nursing program, one of the best in the state - but I don't know if I'll go there or not for the actual Nursing Program) Get my basics pat down ( math, Eng 101 & 102 - that sort of thing) Go to a University the next semester (Fall 04) Get a few credits from there, get my C.N.A certification from a Vo-Tech center in this area then apply for the Actual nursing program at the college around Feb 05.

I know nursing isn't an easy profession, but I think I could grow to love it. I like the idea of having the power to help someone with a more personal level of care. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a little information? How should I react when I get totally stressed out? Any tips on the point system that most nursing programs require?



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- Looks like you are on the right track.

- Here's some more advice.

- Gat as many of the non-nursing courses as you can out of the way. Especially your math, A&P101/102, Micro, Psych, English, etc.

- Getting a "C" in basic math & algebra is NOT good enough. You will want to grab an "A", possibly even take a 1st year calculus class (to sharpen your math and study skills even further). No, you won't use calculus in nursing -- but the course will sharpen your studying & thinking skills.

- The colleges that I looked at for nursing assigned points based on grades ("A","B","C" in certain classes), but also required that you take some sort of nursing entrance exam.

- There are several differnet nursing school exams out there. Most follow the common theme of basic math, basic reading skills. Again, reason why you want to push yourself to do better than just "average".

- Also, start talking to the admissions folks at the nursing schools. If you need financial aid, start the ball rolling -- as there are tons of deadlines. DOn't just talk to 1 nursing school. Talk to several of them. I would say, talk to 3 or 4 different nursing schools within an hour of where you live / want to live.

- Hope this helps,

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Sounds like you have a plan.

I'm not sure what you mean about the points thing.

As for the stress, the best thing I can say is take it one day at a time. (Don't stress about stressing. :)) Keep things in perspective. Be prepared and never ever let yourself fall behind. Staying on top of things is hard enough without falling behind.

Good luck!



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Originally posted by cuz_i_can

"I know nursing isn't an easy profession, but I think I could grow to love it."


I don't wish to discourage, but I counseled many high school grads with careers du jour, only to wake up much sadder and wiser with empty pockets :) Have you pursued career counseling? It's free at both public community colleges and univerisities. If not, there are several sites online where you can "type" yourself and see which occupations may fit your "profile".

Don't mean to be a naysayer, just hoping you'll be happy in the long run!


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- The points thing:

- The nursing school that I looked at (Ivy Tech - Evansville, Indiana), assigns you points based on the grade received for each pre-requisite.

- For example: For A&P 101: You get 5 points for an A, 3 points for B, and 1 point for a C.

- You also get points based on your Nurse Entrance Test (NET) score.

- Add up the points for each candidate. And then rank the candidates by points assigned.

- The school then determines how many students they can admit that year and sets a point cutoff limit. If you are above the point limit - you are in. If not - then try again next year.

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Most of the colleges/univ's I've looked into go by

a point system for the entry level. If you certain college

credits you get so many points for that. I was thinking

of getting my basics patted down - get my CNA certification

( you get 5 pts for that ) then apply for it.

When I said nursing isn't easy, I wasn't expressing

fear or doubt. I don't think any carrer you can choose

is going to be absolutely easy, but I think nursing is

one of more challanges, which I'm ready to accept.

From my understanding, the Entrance Exam has not

changed since the program has started at the 2 colleges

I've check out so far, So I was thinking of buying the

book now ( you can buy a book to study for the pre-entrance'

exam. I'm guessing it's a study guide? ) and studying it

through out the next year throughly....

Thanks for the replies guys!

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