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I am a LPN and want to pick up IV certification I would like to buy a training kit to use at home, any recommendations?

So far I am looking at the two items below, does anyone know anything about them, and does the practice kit have all that I would need. I really would appreciate any insight before I start or even if I should do this.

Phlebotomy Training Course & Venipuncture Practice Kit by The Apprentice Doctor $69.00

IV Therapy Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide (Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guides) by Lynn D. Phillips MSN RN


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Both items look fine I, I think a combination of class room teaching and a kit to practice with at home would be best. But it can't hurt to play round with it at home....less "performance" pressure. Watching You Tube videos is good also.

I have to add I was SHOCKED that you could even buy venipuncture kits online! But apparently it is legal? I kind of jokingly worry when I accidentally go home with an unopened syringe in my pocket....I honestly thought it was against the law to have a syringe without a prescription?

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You can teach any monkey to drop a line but knowing the other stuff behind it ( the meds, fluids, why we use some and not others ) is way more important. Buy the book if you feel so inclined but skip the "arm"