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Can anyone provide some help in calculating the following question:

ordered: D5W IV at 120 mL/hr. Available d5W 1000 mL, gravity device with 10 drops/mL. What is the flow rate the nurse will set?


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okay, let me try and help.

First take 1000(total amount) divided by 120(120/hr)= 8.3, rounded to 8 hrs to run the whole bag in.

second step- take 8 hrs multiply by 60 = 480 minutes

third step- 1000(amount to be infused) multiplied by 10(drop factor)= 10000

fourth step- 10,000 divided by 480 minutes(from step 2)

answer 20.8 rounded to 21 drops/min.

I think this is right, but wait to see what others get for an answer.

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You're overthinking. The problem as provided does not address or seek to address how long the bag takes to finish.

120 mL per hour * 10 drops per mL = 1200 drops per hour.

1200 drops per hour / 60 minutes = 20 drops per minute.


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Thank you hypocaffeinemia, I didn't know if I was doing it right, so thank you for letting me know that I was digging too deep. I have a tendency to do that ;)


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Ok....its been a minute since I've had to do this, but I got the same answer.

Flow Rate = 120 mL/hour

Drop Factor = 10gtt/mL

Flow Rate X Drop Factor = Drip Rate

120mL/60min X 10gtt/mL = 1200gtt/60min = 20gtt/min

Drip Rate = 20gtt/min


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I think you can find a tutorial on this stuff for free, if I remember correctly on Nancy Kimmel's blog mynursingedu.com

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