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IUPUI ABSN Summer 2020

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Hello everyone!

Yay my first post!! To make a long story short, I recently found out that I have been accepted to the Accelerated nursing program at IUPUI for the Summer 2020 session after having been denied for the Spring session. Needless to say I am shocked because I was told that Fall is the hardest to get into, followed by Summer and then finally Spring.

I am both extremely excited and absolutely terrified and I was hoping that someone here has been though the ABSN program and could give me their thoughts/impressions, as well as a breakdown for what the program was like. Also, any tips for the upcoming classes (I'm looking at you pharmacology) will be greatly appreciated. 

Finally, are there still reps that will meet us during orientation regarding Scholarships for the program? I have been debating the Navy but I want to know what my options are if I choose to sign my life away for a minute. Thanks so much in advance 🙂 

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