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It's out of my hands now


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This is it! I put in the work. Graduated. Passed boards. I have my license number. I'm all ready to go. I'm applying for every job that I can, but after I submit my resumes and applications, it's all out of my hands!

Will I find a job? How long will it take?

Of course no one can answer these questions. But this is the part I have dreaded! I am so anxious to think I could spend hours, weeks applying for jobs and not hear anything from potential employers. I feel like I could control my grades, and it was up to me to pass NCLEX. But as far as getting a job, it's almost the luck of the draw. Anyone else felt like this? I just feel like this is out of my hands, and my family is counting on me. (Unrelated note: when my mom graduated nsg school, she got to CHOOSE her job and it was waiting for her after boards! Ahh the good ole days! LOL :D)

Thanks guys. I just needed to vent.

You will start getting calls for interviews......depends on the types of jobs you've applied to. I started with manpower and was hired to work in corrections (first interview) since it was in a prison for the criminally insane, I waited to see what I would get. Then came offers to home care, then nursing homes. I took a ltc facility, thinking I could pick up skills.......... everything you read on this forum is true when it comes to ltc. (scanty orientation, thrown to the wolves, really!! cut corners on med. administration!!??! Money is good, but license is hanging in the balance if you screw up. We'll see if my situation improves......because I will quit before I get reprimanded for being to slow..... It is the system, not me and I refuse to mess up because I am too slow. No, having never worked as a nurse, and taking my time with meds. is not too slow. Don't know what they are thinking, I suppose they are not.


Specializes in Neuro, Trauma, and Psych. Has 2 years experience.

Thank you kdonna! I'm so happy to hear that you ended up having a few job options. But like you said I don't want to jeopardize my license by not being careful who I work for. Good for you for taking the time to do your job right. I hope your situation improves! It's definitely super difficult for new nurses out there. Hopefully you have coworkers or mentors who can guide you and give you support. Keep me updated!

I just have to stay positive and keep applying! :) Good luck!

Take a deep breath and stay positive! You have no choice but to wait for responses....don't waste that time feeling stressed and anxiety-ridden. Do some things you've been meaning to do or just want to do that you never had time for while in nursing school. Reorganize your home, take the kids/SO for a leisurely day at the park, go through that stack of photos you never had time to deal with before.

Not only will it make time seem to pass by faster and take your mind off of the waiting, but you'll be able to better handle the unavoidable stress that comes with starting a new job as you'll be starting with a clean, organized home and were able to spend some quality time with family. :)

bsartor, I felt the same way exactly! And where I live new grad jobs were so hard to get that I not only felt out of control, but started feeling a bit worthless. Then I took matters into my hands. I stopped filling out online apps and started barging in on nurse managers with a smile on my face and my resume in hand. Worked-got my dream job!

I am right there with you. I graduated in May and passed the NCLEX in June. There is a very large new grad population here where I live. I have been applying religiously online and nothing. I have recently been calling floors and asking who the nurse manager is once I know their name I know their email address because the hospital systems have a standard format. I emailed the nurse managers my resume and I have gotten two responses so far and have an interview set up. I was getting a little discouraged seeing all my peers getting jobs and I haven't even got a call back but hopefully this will be the one :) Good luck on your search.